SDCC '11: Gundam!

You want Gundam models at Comic-Con? You go to the Bluefin booth. They always have a ton of Gunpla models on display along with some kind of exclusive or two. Although, this year it seemed they had more exclusives than ever before. There were two clear Zaku mobile suits (one standard, and a reddish one for Char), a clear Zeta, a clear Double Zeta, a two-pack with a clear Exia and O, a pearlized Gundam Unicorn, and a Hyaku-Shiki in Federation colors, which apparently from the anime about building Gundam models. If you don't know what any of that meant, just scroll down and check out the awesome Gundam models.

- Shawn - 8/10/11

How have I not heard of Crossbone Gundam before? Awesome.

Char is three times more suave in a clear Zaku.

I didn't catch the name, but it looks amazing.

The normal Zaku II clear exclusive.

The megasize 1/48 scale Zaku II is incredible.

The clear Zeta exclusive.

This is one mean-ass looking mobile suit.

The Hyaku-Shiki exclauive features a more Federation-like paint job.

Bear can't be Gundam! How can this be? You always need a photo of Beargguy.

I don't really remember Raphael Gundam. Probably because the Gundam 00 movie was crappy.

Choose your favorite Astray Gundam flavor.

The clear Exia and O Gundam two-pack exclusive.

The ReZEL and the awesome Unicorn from Gundam Unicorn.

Sinanju and the Unicorn before getting powered-up.

The Test Types from Gundam 00.

Unicorn Gundam and more of his friends.

You don't ever want to see Strike Freedom Gundam in full burst mode. Well, maybe you do.

Strike and Destiny Gundams mean business.

It's a little unfair to bring your Gundam horse to a fight.

Transform that Gundam.

The Quanta Gundam from 00.

The Cherudim and 00 Raiser.

The Delta Plus from Gundam Unicorn.

The Gundam support fighters are getting sleeker.

Zabanya, also form the disappointing 00 movie.

The sniper Dynames and a Flag fighter.

Some variations on a standard mobile suit.

The Kyrios and Exia.

The Arios transformed.

The 00 Raiser and the Titans evil-up the Gundam Mk II.