SDCC '11: Hasbro G.I. Joe

The G.I. Joe section at Hasbro's SDCC booth included new Pursuit of Cobra, Renegades, and a particularly awesome USS Flagg diorama. Take a look at what was on display.

The G.I. Joe: Pursuit of Cobra series has had some of the best looking Joe figures around. They're fantastically detailed and include tons of accessories. The bad thing is that new waves seem to be incredibly difficult to find, in my area at least. Hasbro will be continuing the G.I. Joe line with new figures this Fall and into Spring of 2012, but just under the regular G.I. Joe name. There are some great figures coming, I just hope they'll be easier to find.

The first season of G.I. Joe Renegades is just wrapping up, so it's weird that the figures aren't going to be out until Spring 2012. As of now it's unknown if there's going to be a second season, but hopefully the far off release date of the figures will also bring the second season with them. I know many people that don't like the look of the show, but the figures are looking great. They have the look of the 25th Anniversary or Pursuit of Cobra style and have the coloring of the cartoon, but don't have the simplistic look of the cartoon. Some of these figures could fit right in with the 25th Anniversary or the Pursuit of Cobra style. There are a couple glaring omissions though. They have a Ripcord figure, who is actually in maybe less than ten episodes, but not Roadblock, who is in every episode? And where's Baroness? Since these aren't out for a long time yet, it's possible they could still be working on them, but both of them are major characters in the cartoon so they really need figures. There's no Dr. Mindbender figure, but he's a crappy character so it doesn't matter.

- Shawn - 7/30/11

At least Cobra trains their Hazard-Vipers to be safe with their hazardous chemicals.

The new Techno-Viper is awesome, but why is it labeled as part of Renegades? Renegades' "Techno-Viper" looked completely different.

Sci-Fi spells his name the proper way. No ridiculous y in place of i.

In Renegades, Airtight is infected with a deadly virus, which is why he wears an airtight suit.

It's good to see Lifeline back in action.

Law and Order means a new updated Joe animal.

The Steel Brigade trooper should be out soonish.

the figure of Renegades Duke looks more like Duke than his animated counterpart.

It's an updated Stalker. That's about it.

What's great about this Storm Shadow is that it includes a classic look head if you hate his Renegades look.

Unfortunately, IDW's Infestation cross-over wasn't a one-time zombie deal. Zombies are even more canon in GI Joe now thanks to this thing.

Fortunately, Renegades Cobra Commander has a full face mask, not the stupid half-mask.

Firefly is bringing his bombs with him.

One of the Cobra Troopers who can't aim worth a damn.

Scarlett seems to have more of an animated look than the rest of the figures.

Tunnel Rat has a robot. And there was a Snake Eyes figure, I just forgot to snap a photo of him.

No Roadblock, but there's a Ripcord figure? For shame.

The front of the super cool USS Flagg diorama.

The Sky Striker is about to do a bombing run on his own ship.

How did that HISS Tank get on board?

The Sky Striker's view.

I feel like I'm playing After Burner right now.

Battle at sea.

Those Vipers are getting everywhere.

Just in case you were wondering.

How does a ground battle happen on the Flagg?

The best SDCC 2011 exclusive.

The regular Sky Striker should be out soon, but it's no Starscream.