SDCC '11: Hasbro Transformers

Transformers had a big presence at SDCC 2011 with the movie, Transformers Prime cartoon, loads of toys, and IDW's comics. Easily the best Transformers thing I saw was the small display case containing all the tiny Kre-O Transformers mini figures, called Kreons. These little Lego-like figures are included with the awkward looking Kre-O Transformers sets, but I know a lot of fans who wish that these would be sold separately. As a special Comic-Con bonus, Hasbro happened to be handing out individually-boxed Kre-O Optimus Prime mini figures. I didn't know they were going to do this, so it was a nice to get one while I was taking my various Hasbro photos.

If only the little Kre-O Transformers were sold separately.

The big news for Generation 1 fans is that Hasbro will be releasing a more accurate movie-colored version Unicron as an Amazon exclusive. For some reason, Hasbro apparently decided against using Takara Tomy's 2010 Unicron's even more movie-accurate color scheme and is instead going with something that's between the original Armada version and Takara Tomy's. I'm a bit disappointed that we're not getting the Takara coloring, though. I would have bought in an instant, but I'll have to think about this one.

Masterpiece Rodimus Prime was on sale at the show, but should also be in Toys 'R' Us stores later on. He looks awesome, but Hasbro really should have included the trailer with him. Takara's version Japan has the trailer and I know it would up the price substantially, but he's not Rodimus Prime without it. He's really just Hot Rod who swagger-jacked the Matrix from Optimus.

The first figures for Transformers Prime will be in stores this December. I watch the show and while I'm sure kids love it, I find it to be mediocre at best. There are a few really good episodes, though, and those episodes either don't have the kids in them, or have them in a very small capacity. The Prime designs translate pretty well into toys. They aren't as eye-catching as the Transformers Animated style, but overall the figures look good. I do kind of want a Steve Blum Starscream, though. The very first Transformers Prime figure of Optimus was being sold at the HasbroToyShop booth in special Matrix of Leadership style packaging. And no, I didn't take any photos of any movie-verse Transformers toys; This was strictly a Prime and Unicron (and a little Kre-O) affair.

- Shawn - 7/30/11

Armada Unicron returns with slightly more accurate G1-style paint apps.

Hasbro is calling him Rodimus Prime, but he doesn't have his trailer, so he's just Hot Rod who swagger-jacked the Matrix.

Unicron's Armada planet mode, kind of in the animated movie styling.

Unicron is better, but not as good as he could be.

Steve Blum's Starscream is one of his voices that doesn't really sound like Steve Blum.

The Decepticon Vehicon drones have a cool car and robot mode.

Everything Optimus says in Transformers Prime feels of forced epic-ness.

This Megatron was listed as part of a battle pack with Optimus and figurines of the kids. No one cares about the kids, though.

Bulkhead has a big robo-ball he'd like to show you.

I liked Arcee better when she was a car.

I'm surprised Hasbro made Cliffjumper right away considering he's only in one episode. And died. Twice.

The only reason Bumblebee can't talk is because of those damned live-action movies.

Here's a super-sized Kre-O Optimus that is way cooler...

...than the incredibly awkward looking normal Kre-O Optimus. That IDW-inspired Megatron wall behind Optimus is also Kre-O blocks.