SDCC '11: Kojima!!!

Hideo Kojima was back at this year's SDCC, and he brought friends. Last year Kojima was by himself, signing as part of the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker World Tour. This year it was kind of for the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, even though it isn't out yet. Kojima was signing with Kojima Productions art director Yoji Shinkawa, and Yumi Kikuchi, the model and voice for Raging Raven in MGS4 and Strangelove in Peace Walker. I met Kojima last year, but I was definitely up for meeting him again. I had a lot to do at SDCC on Thursday, but it could all wait for Kojima.

The email I received about the event strictly said there would be no line-ups before 11am and that it would start at 1:30pm. I arrived about two hours early, which was what I did last year. This year's event must have been more widely publicized because there were over fifty people in line, which is a bit more compared to the fifteen from last year, but nearly as many as the bazillion at the Metreon from a few years ago. There was a couple cosplaying as Old Snake and Laughing Octopus a few spots ahead of me. I found out later during the signing that these two were actually the two winners from last year's Metal Gear cosplay contest. Well, I at least I now know how that turned out.

Snake takes a moment to check out his Laughing Octopus wife.

Okay, now Snake is good for photos again. Awesome costumes, too, I can see why they won last year.

As time dripped by more and more fans showed up, well more than last year's event. As it got closer to 1:30pm, the line had to be moved further away. Eventually the entire line got moved outside, just fifteen minutes before it started. The Elite security people kept saying it was a fire hazard to have all these people line-up inside, but fans had been lined-up for hours in there, what would fifteen extra minutes hurt? Once the line started moving back in, everyone made way into a room that was already set up with a table and chairs already in position. Compared to last year it was basically a smaller room with more people.

Everyone was allowed one autograph each from Kojima, Shinkawa, and Kikuchi. They would all generally sign the same thing, but you could make a request to have each of them sign something different. The girl cosplaying as Laughing Octopus was able to get the three of them to sign her costume. Her Old Snake husband joined her up on stage where the two of them had their photos taken with the three of them. "This is unexpected," said a surprised Old Snake at this turn of events.

How do you follow that? You can't. You meet two of the most incredible talents in videogames, get your stuff signed, and bask in the glow of Kojima. Once you were done with the signing you were handed a raffle ticket to win a signed PS3, PSP, or Metal Gear headset.

Yumi Kikuchi, Hideo Kojima, and Yoji Shinkawa take the stage.

Kojima signs Laughing Octopus' costume.

This had to be an amazing moment for those two.

Kojima always has the coolest glasses.

The signed MGS4 PS3 some lucky fan won.

The signed Peace Walker PSP.

The headset and Konami's Japan Relief patches.

There was still a big crowd waiting when I left.

My Metal Gear Solid signed by Kojima last year was updated with a quick Snake sketch and signature by Yoji Shinkawa..

On Saturday was the Konami cosplay contest, which I was unable to attend. We can all hope this becomes a yearly thing for Kojima.

- Shawn - 7/27/11