SDCC '11: Kotobukiya's Bishoujo X Yoshimitsu

The Kotobukiya booth may have had their Bishoujo ladies on display, but first I have to show off an amazing Yoshimitsu statue. Yoshimitsu of Tekken fame is getting a gorgeous statue from a Tekken X Takeya Takayuki collaboration. Takayuki is a man who has made a ton of incredible figure and statues, many of them totally bad-ass. Yoshimitsu's appearance is more based on his form in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, or at least one of his forms. The statue seemed to have some limited articulation to pose his head and hands, which would be a nice little bonus on a statue. Alright, scroll down for the ladies.

Yoshimitsu is not Bishoujo style, he's bad-ass style.

Although, a Bishoujo Yoshimitsu would be funny.

The unpainted Yoshimitsu prototype

It look like the statue might have a little articulation, possibly at the wrists and neck.

With a name like Tekken X Takeya Takayuki mean there will be more statues?

Kotobukiya has been making Marvel and DC Bishoujo statues for a while, but are now bringing videogame characters under the line. The first are from the Tekken series with Christie Monteiro and android girl Alisa Bosconovitch, but the big surprise is that Liara T'Soni from the Mass Effect series will be getting a Bishoujo figure. I never thought that I'd see a Bishoujo anything from Mass Effect. Hell, it's difficult enough to get regular action figures of ME characters. Given the way things have gone with the ME figures, Bishoujo Liara could be the only Liara figure for a very long time. Even though I like the look of them, I don't plan to buy any Bishoujo statues. However, that may change once Liara is out because, as I've stated, there aren't enough Mass Effect goods. The art by Shunya Yamashita that the figure will be based on looks fantastic. Liara will be at 1/7 scale and be available sometime in Q2 of 2012. There are plenty of other female characters in Mass Effect that could go Bishoujo, including the recently voted on and boring default Female Shepard who look like Samus Aran. She's not my FemShep, but then none of the choices were. Also, Kotobukiya should do a Samus Aran Bishoujo.

No regular action figure of Liara, but there's going to be a Bishoujo.

Tekken's Christie Bishoujo was on display, along with a card showing Alisa would be the next Tekken female to go Bishoujo. We had seen blurry shots of the figure and card a couple months ago, so I thought the Alisa statue would also be at SDCC, or at least the unpainted prototype, but no such luck. The Christie statue looked good with lots to enjoy for the Tekken T&A enthusiast.

A ton of the Bishoujo DC and Marvel girls were on display and most of them are out or will be very soon. Last year some of the ladies were just place-holder cards in the display case, but now that they're out and about, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Ms. Marvel, and Black Cat could join the rest of the girls. X-23 was the "too new" one on the Marvel side and had an unpainted prototype on display. X-23 seems like a weird, but still obvious choice for Bishoujo. Many of the characters look younger than they are when done Bishoujo style, and isn't X-23 only 16 or 17 as it is? I'm going to stop there. Kotobukiya had a couple of exclusives at the show with the evil Supergirl in black and the visible Invisible Woman. It looked like they were selling most of the statues at the show, including a limited number of various previous exclusives. It look like if you're a fanboy or girl who love Bishoujo, then you will have a lot of ladies on your shelves.

- Shawn - 8/4/11

Christie is perfect for the gamer T&A enthusiast.

The card points out the important features of Christie: over the shoulder look, boobs, and upper butt strap.

X-23 might end up looking younger than she is, which could be a creepy thing.

Evil Supergirl is so Evil with her evil Streaky cat.

No Bishoujo Alisa to show.

Wonder Woman and regular Supergirl. And regular Streaky.

Catwoman zips down and Batgirl in classic colors.

A darker Batgirl and Poison Ivy has a weed problem.

Emma Frost is a good-looking statue and Jean Grey uses her mind powers.

Diamond Emma and Mystique on her knees. I think the Mystique Bishoujo would look better standing.

Elektra and the visible Invisible Woman.

Black Cat just stole a diamond and Scarlett Witch.

Rogue, Black Widow, and their variants.

Phoenixes and Ms. Marvels. Binary Ms. Marvel looks like she has energy pom-poms.