SDCC '11: Mass Effect and Dragon Age Art Face a Reckoning at BioWare

Comic-Con has been getting so big that in the past few years the con has been expanding events into the surrounding hotels. In the Hilton across the street from the convention center was the BioWare Lounge. Inside, yet still outside because of the setup, was a long line for the first public hands-on demo of Mass Effect 3. There was a big line outside the lounge, but once fans got in they had to wait in another long line inside the lounge. Along the "walls" were lots of fan art for Mass Effect and Dragon Age. There was a ton a fantastic art and what I was able to photograph was just half of what was on display. The other half was behind the massive Mass Effect 3 line. Many fans inside the lounge and at Comic-Con were wearing the super cool inflatable ME3 Omni Tools, which was one of the best promo items at SDCC this year.

The BioWare Lounge was able to share a little space for a signing with a team working on the upcoming action RPG Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The signing included Reckoning designers from 38 Studios and Big Huge Games and Todd McFarlane. Reckoning is looking great so far and it would be cool for McFarlane to have his name on a game that isn't mediocre at best. The team was signing a limited-edition poster and fans waiting in line got some special cards for the game. Also in the BioWare's between-building setup were things for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The game looks good for an MMO, but I'm not really into MMOs.

Enjoy the Mass Effect and Dragon Age art below and check out a few more photos from the BioWare Lounge.

- Shawn - 8/6/11

Mass Effect's Illusive Man's chair and backdrop for those that wanted to get serious about the galaxy.

Under the cloak was a life-size statue of Darth Malgus, the pointy guy on the right on the backdrop.

A giant banner for The Old Republic. I think it's safe to say this game will have lots of pointing.

The Reckoning signing. The fan in front of me was wearing the awesome Mass Effect 3 inflatable Omni Tool.

Todd McFarlane back at SDCC.