SDCC '11: Mass Effect and Dragon Age Goods from Dark Horse

There isn't enough Mass Effect and Dragon Age merchandise out there. There's the first series of figures for each game from DC Unlimited, but that's all there will ever be due to some disagreement between them and BioWare. I don't count clothing as cool collectibles, although both games do have some very cool shirts. Well, the amount of nice things is slightly increasing for both games. On display at the Dark Horse booth were both the Systems Alliance Normandy SR2 and the Cerberus Normandy SR2 replica ships. They seemed a little small at 6&1/4" long, but having any kind of Normandy to place somewhere in my apartment is awesome. The info cards said that the Systems Alliance Normandy will be out in October, while the Cerberus Normandy will be arriving in November. Hopefully we'll see more Mass Effect ships in the future.

So, which Normandy will your Shepard be commanding? The Cerberus Normandy...

...or the Systems Alliance Normandy? Or both because you've played the games multiple times?

Dragon Age II is getting a little more merchandise love with a Flemeth dragon statue. I still have to play the Dragon Age games, so my attachment to it is quite less than the Normandy, but I'm already impressed with it. The pricing and availability have yet to be determined, but I'm going to say it'll be near the $35 price of the Normandy ships, maybe a little more.

I wonder how Commander Shepard would fare against a dragon...

Also on display were Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age II playing cards. Each deck features characters from their respective games and will be $4.99 when they hit in November. You'll be happy to see that Miranda's ass has lost none of its perfect luster on playing card stock.

Yep, Miranda's ass is is still in-your-face, just in a smaller size.

Hawke as the king? Is that a spoiler?

- Shawn - 8/1/11