SDCC '11: Masters of the Universe

Mattel had a lot to show for their Masters of the Universe Classics line at SDCC this year. Many of 2012's figures were on display along with a few for the rest of this year. The subscription exclusive figure for next year is the awesome Shadow Weaver and is tempting me into actually getting a subscription. The Four Horsemen are bringing some original characters to MOTUC with the first being the incredible Draego-Man. Most of the figures are looking great with the 2000-colored Evil-Lyn, Sorceress, Kobra Khan, Shadow Weaver, Draego-Man, and Demo-Man as the stand-outs for me. I've been hoping for a while that an Evil-Lyn in 2000 colors would get made someday, so it's cool to see her on the slate. A few never-before-produced characters are making it into the line, too, such as the old fan-made Fearless Photog from the '80s and the three very girly Star Sisters from She-Ra. The first vehicle will make it into the line with the Wind Raider and Swift Wind will be joining Battlecat and Panthor in the beast-riding department.

Mattel will also be making little super-deformed MOTU characters at some point. I don't know if they'll be in stores or just on like everything else, but they look fantastic.

- Shawn - 7/31/11

Shadow Weaver might be too good of an incentive for fans to go for the subscription this year.

Draego-Man is an original character by the Four Horseman and looks amazing.

I'm not a fan of Evil-Lyn's original yellow skin color, but fortunately now there's Battleground Evil-Lyn, which is more like her 2000 version.

The Sorceress makes her long-awaited MOTUC debut.

Kobra Khan doesn't squirt anymore.

Demo-Man has alternate Skeletor and skull heads.

Flipshot has a huge jetpack.

Fisto's fist looks smaller than I thought it would be.

How do you make She-Ra girlier? Add more pink, sparkles, and bubbles.

Starla is the most normal-looking of the Star Sisters 3-pack.

Star Sister Tallstar can apparently grow tall.

Jewelstar's hair is made of jewels. And her bird is named is... Glory Bird? Does it live in a glory hole?

Snout Spout looks ridiculous.

Fearless Photog also looks ridiculous.

He-Man is the master of the squidgy universe.

Skeletor looks too awesome like this.

Scareglow is so angry because people confuse him with Skeletor's ghost all the time.

Mer-Man is sick of eating fish sticks.

Will Moss Man retain his fresh pine scent in a smaller size?

Why so blue, He-Man? Wait a minute...

The SDCC exclusive Queen Marlena / Captain Glenn and a terrified Cringer.

A cool crossover for girls, or guys who are, for some reason, into MOTU and Polly Pocket.

The Wind Raider is the first vehicle in MOTUC.

She-Ra can get her beast-riding time now that Swift Wind is here.