SDCC '11: NECA's Movie Figures

Evil Dead 2, Robocop, Predators, Terminator, and Gremlins

Evil Dead II: NECA has three Evil Dead II Ash figures coming out in 2012. There is evil Deadite Ash with Lind's severed head, Farewell to Arms Ash with a freshly lost hand, and Hero Ash with the mighty chainsaw hand. As much as I love my McFarlane Toys Ash figure, he's basically stuck in one pose, so a poseable Ash with a chainsaw hand will be groovy. Well, poseable except for his legs, unfortunately. There is also a Henrietta figure that is just as grotesque as it was in the movie.

Robocop: NECA is making a solitary Robocop figure. I love Robocop, but I'm not sure if the new figure is something I'll need. I'm perfectly happy with the McFarlane Toys one that came out years ago. NECA's Robocop does have the data spike, though, for data spike middle finger action. I do hope NECA gets to make an ED-209 at some point.


I love that Robocop was placed behind the Terminator sign.

Deadite Ash include Lind's severed head. Nice.

It's still difficult to decide if it's Evil Dead II or Evil Dead 2.

Predators: Many of NECA's Predators from Series 1 - 3 were on display and should all be out by now. The display was pretty much the same as last year's, just with a few newer Predators. The 1/4 scale Predators have been out for a while now and were also on display. I love the figure, but I hate that the figure doesn't include all three heads. It's bad enough that the $15 Predators don't have removable masks, but it really sucks when it's a figure that costs $50 - 60. The Predator exclusive was the very cool "Gort" Predator that appeared for a few seconds in Predator 2.

Terminator: NECA's Terminator figures look fantastic. Now that NECA has the rights to the first Terminator we can get some quality figures from the start of the franchise. Series 1 has been out for about a month now and Series 2 should be out in September. The Tech Noir Terminator from the first movie is great and will help you to re-create the dance club scene. another quality Endoskeleton is always good. At least the Endoskeleton has articulated legs.

Gremlins: NECA is pumping out the Gremlins figures with couple series of both Mogwais and Gremlins. The best one is obviously Rambo Gizmo, who will be out in October along with Series 2 of the Mogwais and Series 1 of the Gremlins. There was an Electric Gremlin on display, but I'm not sure if NECA is actually making it or not. Their Gremlins exclusive was the SDCC Gizmo that included sunglasses, an SDCC badge, and an SDCC bag to put him in, which was pretty clever.

- Shawn - 8/3/11

Now that is a large Predator.

Can you see that cloaked Predator? Me either.

More Predators!

Oh look, a battle-damaged Terminator and you can still recognize Arnold's face.

Whenever I see the Terminator on the left I want to go, "Unce unce unce."

Make sure these little guys behave themselves.

Rambo Gizmo is clearly the best figure in the Gremlins line.

Flasher Gremlin. Outstanding.

I couldn't see Electric Gremlin being sold on his own since it's so much less material, but maybe with another figure.