SDCC '11: NECA's Videogame Figures

Borderlands, Gears of War 3, Street Fighter, BioShock, and Assassin's Creed

Borderlands: Is it just me, or has it been a very, very long time since the Claptrap figure was first announced? Wasn't it originally supposed to be out a year ago? According to the display info card, Claptrap should be out now-ish, if we're lucky. I know quite a few fans have been waiting for this figure for over a year, at least. Does the figure still have the voice chip as originally intended? I'm not sure, but it still looks awesome and I just want to see the figure out.

Is Claptrap out? Can I hand NECA my money yet?

Gears of War 3: I was surprised when NECA announced they wouldn't have a Gears of War 3 exclusive figure for this year. With all the hype building for the game it would have been a good seller. This year, the new GoW figures were set up in a little Thrashball stadium, which reminded me of my time in the GoW3 beta. The figures look the same as always, which isn't a bad thing, but now there is finally a female in the testosterone-filled line thanks to Anya. It also looks like a couple of the figures have the flame skin weapons. They looked cool in the game, but I'm not sure how well they're working for the figures. NECA also had on display the life-size Retro Lancers and Butcher's Cleaver. I know the regular Retro Lancer is a GameStop exclusive, but I'm not sure where the gold one is going to pop up. The display box for the Gears of War HeroClix was displayed, but none of the figurines were, which seemed a little strange.

BioShock: The BioShock figures on display were the LED Big Daddy Bouncer, which is out now, and three new Splicers repaints. The Splicers should be out soon, but surprisingly there weren't any new Little Sister repaints. I have a feeling that this could be the last wave of BioShock figures, unless NECA can come up with some other Big Daddy or Splicer variants. There's plenty of time until BioShock Infinite comes out, so I'm sure there will be some cool things that will make figures as awesome as NECA's various Big Daddies.

Street Fighter: I think it's safe to say that at this point, NECA won't being making any more Street Fighter IV figures. This is kind of disappointing since most of the newer characters from IV don't have any kind of action figure. Only Crimson Viper got a figure along with a few old standbys. NECA did, however, have the Street Fighter HeroClix on display and these look pretty damn good. The 6-figure starter set and the blind boxes should be out very soon. If you buy a case of the blind boxes you may just get a full set of the 23 figurines.

Assassin's Creed: GameStop will be getting an Ezio with Da Vinci's Flying Machine exclusive in October. NECA's Assassin's Creed figures look good, but they're all the Ezio and Altair. I really want to see a NECA-made Doctor or Harlequin or any of the characters from the Brotherhood multiplayer. The smaller GameStars figures are decent for the time being, but man, a NECA Doctor would be awesome.

- Shawn - 8/2/11

This is just like lots of matches I played in the Gears 3 beta.

What's that? A Female action figure in the Gears line?

The Retro Lancer has a hell of a kick.

Need something flashier to kill Locusts with? They the gold Retro Lancer.

The Butcher's Cleaver and lots of stickers 'n stuff.

No one will see the assassin coming on that thing.

The ligh-up LED Big Daddy Bouncer is cool.

Are these the final Splicers?

Street Fighter HeroClix are on the way. How powerful are these characters compared to the Marvel and DC HeroClix?

Some unmarked Halo ActionClix were chillin' in front of the Street Fighter and Gears of War ones.

This really should have been an 8-figure starter set that included all 8 original world warriors.

The boxes are nice, but where are the 'Clix at?