SDCC '11: Random Sights and Displays

ThreeA, More ThunderCats, non-Gundam figures at Bluefin, Back to the Future DeLorean, Gears of War 3 and Mass Effect replicas, Robotech, something from Total Recall, more SOTA, random videogame stuff, and random Batmen

Here's a collection of random things from SDCC 2011. Enjoy the rest of the photos and see you next year.

- Shawn - 8/28/2011

I got my first ThreeA figure at SDCC this year (not this) and now I know first hand why they're so awesome.

This is an upcoming Bramble from ThreeA.

I'm Nto exaclyt sure what ThreeA figure this is.

Shadow 2 from Adventure Kartel.

It's Fighting JC from ThreeA's Adventure Kartel.

I think this Game of Thones throne was a decent size for 3&3/4" figures.

Very nice, Kotobukiya.

The ThunderCats Lair prototype on display at Action Figure Xpress.

The sweet Aigis figure from Persona.

Mumm-Ra, The Ever-Living! And Mumm-Mutt, the ever-barking.

There's more than Gundam at the BlueFin booth.

Full armor Mega Man X and Zero.

Super Robot Chogokin!

Soul of Chogokin's God Sigma.

Soul of Chogokin

Mazinger Z and friends.

Some ships from Ultraman Gaia's Ultride Mechanics World.

Don't touch. That's the property of Isaac Clarke.

That sweet, sweet Delorean.

This makes me feel awesome in my pants.

The inside of the awesome.

It's too bad they wouldn't let people sit inside.

The back of the eLorean and what wasn't inside the SDCC exclusive Back o the Future cases.

The Mega Man, Roll, and Proto Man figure kits.

The redheaded Frag Doll gets her dance on.

The cop car and cop guy from the new Total Recall.

I really hope this movie doesn't suck.

A flying shark for something. Shark Week?

SOTA's sweet DarkSiders statue.

A Marcus bust, Marcus statue from the Gears of War 3, and a Locust.

The Lancer replica is probably heavy and expensive.

Here's a couple high end Mass Effect collectibles: the pistol...

...and rifle replica.

Some Robotech/Macross goods.

.When is the next Robotech movie coming out? Never?

The cool Officer's Battlepod vinyl.

How about some Tokidoki Marvel dudes.

BattleBloc Theater

Castle Crashers, the awesome arcade game.

Dr. Grordbort makes some fine weapons.

And this is Dr. Grordbort, I presume.

I'm sure this looks bigger on the inside.

What ridiculous armor.

Hey, there is a character that's dressed somewhat normally in El Shaddai.

How do you move comfortably in this armor?

How has Techno Kitten Adventure gotten this big?

An Arkham City banner at the DC booth.

Golden Age Batman and Joker should include Biff and Zonk word balloons.

That Mr. Freeze is just silly.

Now this is a Lego Batman.

The big prototype for Arkham City Harley Quinn.

A giant Arkham City banner on the corner of Petco Park.

The Mad Love two-pack.

Arkham City Batman in blue.

The Legacy Edition in the box.

Two-Face's coin form The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight costume.

Joker costume from TDK.

Two-Face's costume is a little crisp.

The Joker from the 2-second scene in The Dark Knight.