SDCC '11: Saints Row: The Third 3D Projection

On Thursday night of Comic-Con, I went down to one of the corners of Petco Park to watch a 3D projection video type thing for Saints Row: The Third. There were a ton of people around watching a timer projected onto the outside wall of the stadium. Once the time hit zero I realized I was at the wrong thing. What I was at was really a Cirque du Soleil video that played on the wall while two guys, strapped on by harnesses, fought on the wall. I stuck around to watch it and would get to the Saints Row thing afterwards. It was kind of neat, I guess. Once the whole wall battle ended a Saints Row: The Third booth girl came by and tried to get people to head up the block a bit to watch the 3D video. I'm not sure how many people she coaxed, but there were others waiting around for it to start when I got there.

I arrived at the correct corner this time and the video of Professor Genki's Hyper Ordinary Pre-order Pack started playing. If you haven't seen the video yet, watch it. Professor Genki, his man-a-pult, octopus cannon, and fashionable suit look ridiculously awesome. It would be a shame if this didn't make it's way as regular DLC somewhere down the line. Professor Genki also had the honor of being the first cosplayer (or maybe just a person in a costume since he wasn't really a cosplayer) that I took at SDCC. Here's a photo:

Professor Genki brings the hyper ordinary to SDCC.

The 3D video was shown on the wall, with another video playing on a screen next to it. You can watch a video of it right here:

Not too bad. It was cool and the 3D definitely worked, but I thought it was going to be a little more impressive than it was, maybe more than just character pics being in 3D. It was still cool, though. The cash falling during Zimos' slot seemed to be the best use of the 3D. I think the wall where the Cirque du Soleil thing was might have been a better spot because there were far less obstructions. The sound on this was exceptionally loud and echoed off the buildings down the block. These two videos would basically repeat for the next two hours.

I didn't stick around to watch it's endless cycle as four times was enough, but I did get a little behind-the-scenes look. There were four cameras located on the stadium wall and two on the parking lot across the street. It was all done using some arcane 3D magic machine that one guy could manipulate by turning knobs, pushing levers, and double-clicking. Now what I want to know is, how good really are those Saints Row headphones in the Platinum Pack?

This is what makes the 3D go. That scan thingy might work too, if you want to try scanning it for something.

The Saints Row booth had some cool statues.

That Professor Genki is a class act all the way.

- Shawn - 8/7/11