SDCC '11: Sideshow Collectibles

If there's one booth with the guaranteed awesome at SDCC, it's Sideshow Collectibles. Here's this year's gallery of the cool stuff they had on display. There is a good mix of videogame characters, G.I. Joe, Lord of the Rings, X-Men, Jokers, Predators, Terminators, Star Wars, and more. Okay, let's get to it

- Shawn - 8/9/11

Nice figure, Chun Li, but it doesn't make up for that movie.

Isaac from Dead Space is freaking the hell out.

Cobra Viper wishes he had some Skittles.

An awesome Snake Eyes and Timber.

The premium format Cobra Commander.

Hawk has one hell of a command center.

I love Zartan's shit-eating grin.

Storm Shadow and his ninja buds.

Cobra desert troops and Dusty.

It's still a bad-ass Batmobile.

It's Lara Croft sliding down rocks shooting small animals.

Jack Nicholson Joker is fantastic.

This Joker is terrifying.

This is the most important angle.

Oh yeah, this is what her face looks like.

A very cool 90s Paylocke... awesome Rogue...

...and Cyclops all by Jim Lee.

The life-size Robocop bust is the ultimate half-man, half-machine cop bust.

Gandalf is about to do something wizardly.

Will Lady Hydra be in the next Captain America movie?

Aragorn forgot his fresh socks back at the camp.

Why must Sean Bean die in everything he's in?

A Snow Troll wouldn't stand a chance against Snake Eyes and Timber.

Arwen takes a leisurely stroll.

This statue would be more radical if Legolas was rock surfing on a shield.

"Give me that cake!"

The Brock statue has the crazed killjoy look in his eye.

Molotov Cocktease is such a... you know.

A Medusa statue from something that had Medusa in it.

Hot Toys' Classic Predator.

This Predator got lost.

Is this functional? Can you drink from it? Because that would be outstanding/

Tracker Predator and that awesome beast.

Careful, Indy.

Someone requested a Darkchylde statue.

She's just sculpted that way.

The exclusive version of Scorpion looks incredibly stupid.

Shredder must have taken out Leo, Don, and Mikey....

...because Raph was the only ninja turtle on display.

Vampirella lounges on a giant demon skull.

A huge Endoskeleton.

The almost real Terminator.

You can't stop the T-1000.

This figure should include a crushed box of roses.

If you bought this Han in Carbonite... would almost have to buy this Boba Fett to go with it.

It feels good to sit after a long day of Comic-Con.


IG-88 died in a pop-up book.

That's three for the Fett man.

Classic Stormtrooper.


Luke's seen better days.

Luke's got a gun.

It's the same Kratos they showed last year.

Gamorrean Guards guard a small door.

Does anyone really want an army of 12" battle droids?

Look, more droids. And Clone Troopers.

What's worse than normal battle droids? Red ones.