SDCC '11: The Venture Brothers Action Figures

At the Entertainment Earth booth were the prototypes for Bif Bang Pow's unexpected Venture Bros. 3&3/4" action figures. It's a well-known fact that The Venture Bros. is the greatest cartoon around, and it's very cool that there will finally be 3 3/4" action figures for it. There were only four on display, with Brock, Hank, Dean, and Dr. Mrs. the Monarch, but man, they looked awesome. The articulation isn't quite up to the number on G.I. Joe figures, but it doesn't matter because they're 3 3/4" Venture Bros. figures. The worst thing about them is that they're not scheduled to come out until August of 2012.

The Venture Bros. now in a smaller yet awesome figure size.

Currently there are three series of figures scheduled for next year. Series 1 will include Hank, Dean, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, Dr. Venture, and Phantom Limb. Series 2 has Brock, The Monarch, Shore Leave, Molotov Cocktease, and Baron Underbheit. Series 3 bring us Dr. Orpheus, Dr. Henry Killinger, Jefferson Twilight, a Monarch Henchman 1, and HELPeR.

Brock is intimidating even in this scale.

Hank and Dean are smaller figures so they get hover scooters with them.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch has a big gun.

Also on display were the new retro figures prototypes. Brock in Sphinx gear, Dr. Killinger, Molotov, and Billy will be hitting in May 2012. While they look good, I'm not into the bigger Mego-style retro figures.

There's that Molotov Cocktease doll you've been waiting for.

Some of the currently available retro-style figures.

- Shawn - 8/6/11