SDCC '12: All the Batmobiles

The Batmobile has become as iconic as Batman himself, and seeing a  in person is a bit awe-inspiring. Well, try seeing all of them at once. Yes, Warner Bros. brought not just one Batmobile to show off to the SDCC masses, they brought all the Batmobiles. All of the real television and movie Batmobiles were outside at Bayfront Park next to the San Diego Convention Center. You didn't even need an SDCC badge to see them, which was cool for anyone randomly near the convention without a badge. The Batmobiles out on display were from the original Batman television series, the 1989 Batman, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, and both the black and camouflage versions from The Dark Knight trilogy. Also, inside the convention center at the WB booth, sat the Bat Pod, but it was in a more confined space. All the cars were roped off for no touching, but one man was able to touch them; George Barris, the designer of the original Batmobile. George Barris was there, hanging out and being awesome. Seeing all the Batmobiles at once was incredible. WB could have just brought one of them to help further promote The Dark Knight Rises, but they went all out and brought all of them. Enjoy the below gallery of all the Batmobiles. Maybe in a year WB can bring the Batwings and the other random Bat vehicles with them.

- Shawn - 7/21/12

George Barris knows a thing or two about Batmobiles.

Photos by Heidi and Shawn.