SDCC '12: Cosplay

Cosplay cosplay cosplay, it's time once again for the SDCC cosplay gallery. There were a lot of characters that I hadn't seen before along with some great original versions and combinations of characters. Because I can, I'm doing a tie this year for best girl. Best girls this year go to Lady Vader and Ivy of Soul Calibur fame. One is fully covered, the other is not, but both are evil. I happened to find Lady Vader at just the right time to get a photo of her in the giant Darth Vader Return of the Jedi card. As for Ivy, well, I haven't seen much Soul Calibur cosplay in real life for myself, but an Ivy that accurate needs to be commended. Go forth, enjoy the photos, click the pics to enlarge, and I'll see you at SDCC next year.

- Shawn - 8/31/12

Viola and Ivy from Soul Calibur. Ivy certainly has the right assets to be Ivy.

Lady Vader finds your lack of pants disturbing.

I need an action figure of this, ASAP.

An all-female Battlestar Galactica cast would have some... interesting results, especially with Fem-Tigh.

Gambit loves Lego Hulk so much.

Mad Moxxi is commanding you to go buy Borderlands 2.

I could tell that was Meryl by the way she walked. And Psycho Mantis is busy reading someone's mind.

Genome soldiers from Metal Gear don't know what the heck is going on.

This eyeball creature starting eating this dude and nobody stopped to help.

Xbox! So, where do I insert the disc?

Hello Kitty Chun Li ready to kick butt.

Hello Kitty R2 beep boops with cuteness..

Earthworm Jim's mouth moved when he talked.

Some pink-haired girl and a Catwoman.


Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal those kids?

Cammy was waiting in line for Capcom producer autographs.

Is that Deadmau5pool or Deadpoolmau5? Female Deathstroke is cool and Spidey had some extra donuts.

Pee Wee know show to get down at SDCC.

Two Zeros, one Mega Man.

Gentlemen Ghost is feeling a little tipsy.

This bad-ass Maleficent was quite amazing.

A Stormtrooper rocking a kilt. Fantastic.

Why is Kratos so happy? Because he's with Nariko.

Jun from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.

Harley Quinn is ready to bop ya one.

A bikini and a hat are not a costume!

A garbage bag monster and a weird tube version of Kitana? I don't know.

Hideous. That Joker is scary, too. Ha! No, but that Harley is great and the Poison Ivy is good, too.

A couple Grimm's Fairy Tales girls were handing out History Channel comics for some reason.

Portal girl is super tall thanks to Aperture Science.

Quite an original idea for a Veritech.

Only one of Resident Evil's umbrella troops can get a Shockwave H.I.S.S. tank.

Aquaman went to blow his shell and it fizzled. Everyone laughed at him.

Aquaman gave a better blow and yelled at people for looking at his ocean. He had a whole act.

Sackboy's head is unusually rectangular.

Pimp Fett returns to Comic-con to smack s.

Brunette Slave Leia is so done with Comic-con.

Emma Frost has a big cape to keep her warm, so back off fanboys.

Deadpool, Storm, and Taskmaster is somebody's MVC3 team.

Lion-O ho's it up next to My Little Pony.

Wily Kit and Wily Kat aren't nearly as fierce as big-mane Lion-O.

Regular Show's Mordecai and Rigby are about to do something... regular.

Master Chief and one of those girls with orange horns that I didn't know back form Fanime.

I think this was a creature from Face Off.

It's Lady Thor Vs...

...Lady Loki, and we all win.

Tony Stark and mini Whiplash have a way with She-Ra and Teela.

Kotobukiya's exclusive green R2 unit.

So, would she be called... Miss America?

Mega Man braves the SDCC lines alone.

These are Namco's official Tekken ladies.

The Clone Troopers are trying really hard not to look at Lady Fett's... armor.

All from Arnold movies. Awesome.

A smattering of X-Men and Marvel heroes.

This is the fourth photo because more Street Fighter cosplayers kept showing up. Also, that Bison is super tall.

Batman was the DJ at the Sony booth. The ladies loved it.

It's Castle Crashers Adventure Time!

Serpentor, silver Baroness, and... a version of the Range Viper? Some kind of Viper.

Spartans, UNSC troops, and random booth babes!

Some girl with a gun-scythe.

I don't know, but they're terrifying. The tall guy almost looks like Scorpius from Farscape, but it isn't.

Superman is angry that everyone is getting in his shot.

It's those greeting card guys.

The Brave chick takes on a crappy bear guy.

You get one Steampunk photo this year.

So, this is an actual show?

One of the Transformers Rescue Bots beep-boopin around the con floor.

An android and a Perfect Fem-Cell.

I like the red accents. Is this an Expanded universe TIE Fighter Pilot?

I think Guile and Sindel were making date plans for after the show.

That's no Hawk Girl, that's a Hawk Woman.

Three Poison Ivy's in various states of undress.

What does a blue-haired girl getting splashed up the crotch have to do with Cars?

Green Lantern girl gets crafty with the ring.

Quorra's costume absorbed all the camera flash.

I don't know, but that dude with the huge claw is about to grab her boob.

A girl wearing a Wookie fur bikini...

...and a scary-ass actual She-bacca.

Loki has had enough of you!

Doc couldn't find his way back to 1985.

Is this the creepy doll form Coraline? Cool.

Gandalf has a weird face going on. Also check out Frodo's feets.

Cad Bane has a nice hat.

Coors Man is your new bro.

The first Game of Thrones groups with a Kalisi...

...and the second group with snow on Jon Snow. Which one is the real Kalisi?

He almost looks more like an Iron Man action figure.

Apparently Beauty got over the Beast.

The Man of Steel meets He-Man.

Real-life Super Mario is disturbing.

Super Ugly Doll.

Tusken Raider realizes he doesn't have Force powers.

Female Sabretooth? Rahr!

This guy was in character because he was kind of a jerk just like the Engineers from Prometheus.

This guy's Tron costume actually lit-up.

New Wonka checks out the old Wonka's goodies.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was huge. And delicious.

Two characters form Hotel Transylvania.

That's a lot of ink.

Aged zombie punk rocker?

Darth Krueger or Freddie Vader?

Hatchet from the Hatchet movies. There's something wrong with his face.

Photos by Heidi and Shawn.