SDCC '12: Hasbro G.I. Joe

The movie was ridiculously delayed, but Hasbro still brought all their G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures with them to SDCC. They have to try and keep at least some of the momentum from all that wasted ad time, right? Of course, Hasbro had an awesome diorama, but this year it was split into three scenes; a ninja mountain battle, a street fight, and Cobra troops chilling with Decepticons. Hasbro had all the figures that are currently out and the ones put on hold until next year because of the movie's delay. I tried to focus my photos more on the figures that will be out next year instead of the ones that can be found in stores right now. these are kind of amazing times we're in when we get a G.I. Joe figure of Bruce Willis. And RZA. Amazing times, my friend.

- Shawn - 7/24/12

Go ninjas go ninjas go!

These ninjas are so good, they don't need to blend in.

Hopefully the movie's ninja mountain battle is half as good as this.

The battle is taken to the streets.

Those are dead Joes in there.

Storm Shadow is about to take out the Joes' air support.

Even with the battle going on, that Cobra Trooper has to hang out his laundry.

Cobra and the Decepticons joining forces is a wonderful thing.

This scene is kind of in the movie.

"Oh don't worry about all this cash. I'll just take care of it."

It that Thundercracker next to Shockwave? some other Seeker?

As cool as the Shockwave HISS looks in photos, it looks even better in person.

That Cobra flag is the Combat Ninja's best accessory.

It's an actual Transformer with Cobra decals! What does this mean? Speculate!

Is the Cyber Ninja part robot and part ninja?

Another ninja? Retaliation is bursting with ninjas.

Will there still be a NYCC Lady Jaye variant?

Will this really be the ultimate version of Snake Eyes? Looks good so far.

Seeing this Bruce Willis as Joe Colton figure makes me wish Hasbro was make a 3&3/4" Expendables line.

Night Viper can see what you're doing in the dark.

My favorite version of Storm Shadow reborn.

RZA gets a G.I. Joe figure. Amazing.

This can't be the "Ultimate Duke" because it's based on Channing Tatum's Duke.

A new Alley Viper is always welcome.

Is that a tiny mini-gun? Awesome.

Fact: Just Cobra Commander's Retaliation helmet is better than the entirety of the first movie.

Firefly's motorcycle from Retaliation is a bad-ass ride.

A sweet Snake Eyes sword. And a random hat.

you don't need to wait until 2013; Zartan and Red Ninja are out right now. Firefly looks silly on his boogie board.

A classically styled Storm Shadow and Flint. Neat.

A tiny Timber!

I don't remember the official name of the little squidgy dudes, but I love them.

An extra shot of squidgy dudes.

Well, someone will like these.

There's a Cobra hat and belt, too.