SDCC '12: Hasbro - Transformers

Fall of Cybertron, China Imports, Prime, Bot Shots, Kre-O

The one thing I wanted from Hasbro's War for Cybertron figures was more characters in the game's awesome style. It felt like Hasbro ended the WfC figures before they should have, but now Hasbro is delivering more characters from WfC and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Grimlock is the figure everyone probably wants most, and he'll be out in March 2013. I'd hate to see Grimlock as the only Dinobot though, so hopefully Hasbro will make the rest of the Dinobots in their FoC versions. There is a new version of Soundwave coming out that bigger than the WfC version and include Laserbeak. Since Hasbro likes repaints they're also have a SoundBlaster with Buzzsaw and Blaster with Steeljaw. There are also two 2-pakcs of Ratbat & Frenzy and Rumble & Ravage. Both packs include Energon Cubes. Shockwave, Jazz, and the redesigned Optimus Prime were also on display. All three of them are available in stores right now, but Shockwave is quite a bit harder to find than the other two.

Now that Fall of Cybertron Grimlock is coming out, let's hope Hasbro makes the rest of the FoC versions of the Dinobots.

The bigger and improved Fall of Cybertron Soundwave includes Laserbeak.

As for Bruticus, well, I thought there were only two version of the Combaticons/Bruticus coming out, but I guess there are three? Is this right? First, there is the SDCC exclusive Bruticus that is in game accurate colors, but I think they might have a metallic finish to them. I'm not really sure because I was unable to get one, but more on that in a bit. I thought the Generation 2 version exclusive to BigBadToyStore and Amazon was the same as the individually packaged Combaticons in Series 2 of the Fall of Cybertron Generations line. From what was on display at the Hasbro booth, however, it looks like they are two different brightly colored Bruticus bots. The Generation 2 box set is a G2 accurate colored set, while the individual Generations figures are colored differently, but are still bright like G2 Bruticus. So, that mean there are three Combaticon/Bruticus sets out this year. Oh, I almost forgot, there is a fourth set of Combaticons/Bruticus coming out, but I don't think they were on display at the show. This fourth set repaints the Combaticons as Wreckers who combine into Ruination. Yep, four sets of the same five figures in short time. Madness!

So, I tried to get a Bruticus at SDCC, but it seems like everything was working against me. This was the thing I wanted the most at SDCC, right after the Shockwave H.I.S.S. Hasbro underestimated the demand for him as there was a limit of two per person. In comparison, the incredibly awesome Shockwave H.I.S.S. was much easier to get because it was only one per person. Well, near the end of preview night, I nicely asked the Hasbro line lady if she had room for one more in the booth. She said no, but literally just a few seconds later, someone else asked the same thing and she let them in as the last person for the night. What??!! I missed out on getting a Hasbro ticket the first full day to get into the booth. The second full day I got a ticket and went to the Hasbro booth at my ticketed time and they were out of Bruticus. I asked the line lady if more were coming in, and she said there would be more later in the afternoon. She also told me that she could give me a different ticket, I could go in, buy the other things I needed, but keep my old ticket and come back for Bruticus. I thought that was a good thing, so I went in and got the other stuff I needed. I had some things to do, so I did those and by the time I came back they had gotten and sold out of Bruticus all over again. The next day I got there in the morning and they were out of Bruticus for the rest of the show. Then, during Hasbro Toy Shop's after SDCC online sale, I had Bruticus in my cart, but it sold out while it was in my cart and I was finishing checking out. Now the only way to get him is to pay $200 or more on eBay, which I don't really want to do, but since it's the only game accurate version of Bruticus I may have to bite or just be done with it all. I guess it wasn't meant to be. I don't get why Hasbro won't release the game accurate Combaticons at retail, even if they're separate. I'm pretty sure fans want the Combaticons to look like the they do in the game. This frustrates me to no end. Well, back to cool stuff on display.

As for other Fall of Cybertron awesomeness, there are also some photos from the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron booth where fans could play the game.

Interestingly, there will be a China Import series in the Generations line that will be exclusive to Toys 'R' Us. This includes G2 Megatron, Powerdive, Hot Spot, Swerve, Wheelie, and a few others. These will keep Chinese characters on the packaging and will hit TRU in October. I have a feeling these are going to sell out quick, so if you see them, be sure to pick them up immediately. Meanwhile, Amazon will have China's Year of the Dragon Optimus Prime in November. It's based on the movie version of Optimus, but that trailer looks so damn cool. There is also the awesome Masterpiece Thundercracker and the new version of Masterpiece Optimus coming soon.

The Transformers Prime line is continuing strong with new characters along with the First Edition figures that didn't get released when the toys first came out. You know, they're not really first Editions anymore since they're the regular Prime figures have been out for a while and these are coming out in November at Toys 'R' Us. Anyways, maybe this will give some fans another chance to get a Vehicon. Also, the Cliffjumper in the First Editions will be the same Zombie Cliffjumper that was supposed to be an SDCC exclusive. It won't have some extra paint apps and the accessories or head package, but it still feels like Zombie Cliffjumper should have really been an SDCC exclusive. Also, BigBadToyStore is getting six exclusive Prime figures under the name Dark Energon that have translucent plastic.

If you like the squidgy Bot Shots dudes, then there are a ton of new one coming out. There are also a lot of new Kre-Os that are ins stores now. I heard a Hasbro rep say that they kind of didn't know what they were doing with the first series of Kre-O sets, but have really hit their stride with these new ones. I disagree because some of these new sets look just awful. The real stars are the mini figures called Kreons, though. There are individual Transformer Kreons coming out along with tiny combiners. These newer Kreons actually transform, in a sense. It looks like most of them just get placed face-down with a piece or two moved, but it works well for some of them. The combiners look pretty good when combined, too.

Lastly, there was a G1 Soundwave painted gold, along with his cassettes. Oddly, this is a collaboration with Linkin Park. I don't know why this exists, it just does.

Oh, I thought it was kind of funny that Hasbro had their huge Transformers battle diorama of Transformers using the space bridge on a space bridge.

- Shawn - 8/4/12

Hasbro adds SoundBlaster for an easy repaint.

Cassettes are back, even though they're not really cassettes anymore.

Of course Hasbro did another SW repaint for Blaster.

Ravage and Rumble return as the new cassette things.

Fall of Cybertron Shockwave is out now if you can find him.

Why didn't they just call Prime's Arachnid, Black Arachnia? It's the same character.

Hot Spot, G2 Megatron, and Powerdive are China Imports.

Megatron is back in his bright Generation 2 tank form.

Swerve looks like a Kup repaint.

Wheelie is also a China Import.

Thundertron is coming to Prime time.

Fall of Cybertron Optimus is different than War for Cybertron Optimus.

Year of the Dragon Optimus is actually coming to the U.S.

Jazz it up.

Hot Spot is coming to put out your hot spot.

A couple of the BBTS clear-ish Dark Energon exclusives.

Masterpiece Thundercracker is a TRU exclusive.

The new Masterpiece Optimus Prime is smaller, but is said to be better than the old big version.

It sill doesn't make sense why Hasbro is only releasing the Combaticons in non-game accurate colors at retail.

It saddens me that if you want game accurate Combaticons/Bruticus, you have to spend lots of money on eBay.

The Amazon and BBTS exclusive Generation 2 Fall of Cybertron Bruticus has a sweet retro box.

Wait, the Combaticons/Bruticus are being released in at least three different colors within the same year? Why, Hasbro, why?

The new Springer isn't a triple changer.

The China Import G2 Megatron box.

Why does Bumblebee need a Power Loader?

The Cobra Seeker at the G.I. Joe diorama.

Whose bridge is this? Oh, I didn't see that giant Autobot symbol.

The space bridge is transporting the Autobots on a... space bridge?

One shall stand, one shall fall, yadda yadda yadda, are we done here?

Stealth Bumblebee doesn't screw around.

The battle rages on.

Wheeljack is good at crashing his ship.

The Vehicon has been out for a while, but have you actually seen one?

Decepticons are coming through the other side of the space bridge's space bridge.

Can these really still be called First Editions since they're coming out long after the initial release of the toys?

Is that a zombie Cliffjumper in the First Edition package? At least SDCC buyers have Cliffjumper's big head.

Dreadwing doing his thing.

So Rumble is going to be a little car in Prime. Huh.

Ultra Magnus is very blue, like Generations Hot Spot.

Another Optimus with more guns blazing.

Seriously, what the hell is this thing?

Optimus with fluttery fairy wings.

I may actually have to get a pack of Bot Shots just for Shockwave.

Optimus and Megatron Bot Shots have launch trailers.

Why does Starscream have a trailer? Weird.

Jetfire, Powerglide, and Skyquake Bot Shots.

That's a lot of Bot Shots.

Moar Bot Shots!

Combiner Kreons? These actually look pretty good.

The alternate modes are little wonky, but it's still cool that the little Kre-O Transformers can transform.

Megatron is finally a tank in Kre-Os.

Why does a Transformer need a separate motorcycle?

Wheeljack and Knock Out have a showdown on the street.

Vortex looks like a decent Kre-O set.

Why would Cliffjumper need an ATV?


Multi-colored Devastator is too colorful.

These Constructicons look terrible.

The little guy shouting at Megatron with his megaphone is really helping this battle.

Why do the Autobots attack when Devastator is trying to build a new mall?

Out of the way, the Autobots need to get to the movie.

Wheeljack and the ship he keeps crashing.

Why does this exist?

Soundwave and his cassettes don't look that cool in gold with gold.

There was a long line to play Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

Grimlock turns up that Cybertron heat.

Deadpool slapped his posters all over Megatron...

...and Optimus Prime.