SDCC '12: Joker Cat and Other DC Collectibles

One of DC's cool upcoming statues is a black & white Joker with a Joker Cat. Poor kitty, but what a smile. DC had lots of statues and busts on display at SDCC this year, along with some action figures. There's a whole series of black & white Batman statues with a few Batmen and a super awesome Bane. Many of the color statues and busts are based off the characters' looks of the nonsensical "New 52" comics. Meanwhile, the Ame-Comi line is somehow still going with more pseudo-anime looks for characters. Hawkgirl and Harley Quinn don't look too bad, but that Brainiac is just bizarre. The sad part is that somebody, somewhere finds Ame-Comi Brainiac attractive.

The DC chess collection pieces are very cool. On their own, they make for some nice looking figurines and as a set, probably a very confusing game of chess. What piece is Batgirl supposed to be again? Over at the Toynami booth were some of the newer Dc Skelanimals. I think many of these were on display last year, but they are great looking plushies. There are little figurines coming, too, so the manlier DC fans don't have fill their bed with stuffed animals. Check out all the nifty DC stuff below.

- Shawn - 8/13/12

Photos by Heidi and Shawn.