SDCC '12: Kotobukiya

Tekken, Street Fighter, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Alien, Evangelion, Mass Effect, Danboard, and more

There was a bunch of cool stuff from the Kotobukiya at SDCC, like their Alien and Evangelion chopsticks, which are just awesome. If I used chopsticks more I would totally get a couple pairs of these. Maybe I will anyway.

Koto is kind of adding Street Fighter to their Bishoujo line. They'll be doing a Chun Li statue, but it's Chun Li from Street Fighter X Tekken, which is still basically regular Chun Li. I'm not sure if the SFXT lends really lends more options for the future or not, but I guess we'll find out. For Tekken Bishoujo there were already released Christie, the upcoming Asuka, and robot chick Alisa; both the regular and SDCC exclusive Mishima Zaibatsu versions. There was a poster of two more upcoming Tekken ladies with Julia Chang and Lili. It's weird that Lili is in a pink outfit instead of her regular white outfit. White is her main color in the games, so all the pink is either an actual outfit in Tekken Tag 2 or just part of the artistic liberties of the line. With Street Fighter being added, how long until we see some Dead or Alive or King of Fighters ladies?

Of course there were also tons of Bishoujo ladies from Marvel and DC. The X-23 SDCC exclusive looked a lot better with the angry face than the previous happy posed face. The SDCC exclusive Storm was just Storm in white. If you thought the Ghostbusters Bishoujo was a weird thing to make, well there's an upcoming Men In Black 3 Bishoujo statue. I guess anything can be made in Bishoujo these days. Unfortunately, the Mass Effect 3 Fem-Shep statue wasn't on display, just a placeholder card was there. I love Mass Effect, but with all the senseless complaining that ME fans did about the Liara statue (It was too anime? That's the point!) I can wait as long as possible to see the Fem-Shep prototype.

If Bishoujo isn't your bag, Koto makes a ton of awesome normal looking statues, too. There are a lot of fantastic looking statues for Marvel and Star Wars. The X-Force statues look amazing together, but they also cost an amazing amount of money. The DC blocky guys look alright, but they're not the kind of squidgy dudes I'm into.

There's also a random Danboard figure. Danboard! Check out the photos to see a lot of the offerings from Kotobukiya.

- Shawn - 8/2/12