SDCC '12: Masters of the Universe Classics

Until the 2012 subscription came about, I hadn't taken part of Masters of the Universe Classics' sub service because there was no incentive for me. I only wanted some key characters that I was fond of and the club exclusive figure had always been some repaint that I had less than zero interest in. Given MattyCollector's ultra fast sell-out times in the past, there are still a couple of those key characters that I'm missing, but it's not a huge deal to me and I'm sure I'll get them someday. Well, why did I subscribe to 2012's subscription? Mainly for one reason: Shadow Weaver. I couldn't resist such a fantastic looking figure of an actual separate character, not just a mere repaint like previous years. As the year has progressed, I've kept many of this year's figures. The ones I didn't want I've sold off and have made out fairly decently on them, except, of course, for the the bad decision that was the Star Sisters. Mattel's reveals at this year's SDCC would determine if I would subscribe for 2013. I didn't. There wasn't a single figure that excited me for next year, not even the long-awaited fan-favorite Ram Man. I'm just not that big on Ram Man and the subscription exclusive figure of King He-Man is essentially just another He-Man variant.

Two of the best looking MOTUC figures on display were Generic Snake Man 1...

...and Generic Snake Man 2. Great job, you damn dirty snakes!

While there were lots of figure on display, I mainly got photos of most of the figures coming out this year still and the few reveals for 2013. Admittedly, I missed a few, but you can partially blame the sudden appearance of The Hoff for that. Mattel was practically begging people to subscribe for next year, and while they made their goal, they should have just done what the G.I. Joe Collector's Club did and revealed ALL the figures for the year. Even if all they had were names and a drawing, I bet they wouldn't have had such a difficult time trying to get fans to subscribe. Besides, Mattel said they had some great characters for the second half of the year. Well, maybe they should have said who they were. Anyways, my money is going to the G.I. Joe subscription. Like I said, I don't really care for any of next year's revealed figures, although that Shield Maiden Sherrlyn from the Fighting Foe Men 3-pack (no photo, sorry, but you can check them out here along with Strobo) looks cool, but I don't absolutely need the figure. If I decide I do want it I can always try to hunt for it on eBay if the price is right. Who knows, maybe the Fighting Foe Men will end up like the Star Sisters and I can get one for dirt cheap.

- Shawn - 8/25/12

This scene isn't nearly as exciting as Hasbro's dioramas.

It seems like they're all having a standing contest.

That baby dragon looks a little silly, but I do like this version of Skeletor.

Castle Grayskullman is the 30th Anniversary fan contest winner. He's both cool and absolutely terrifying. I think I prefer the white hair from the concept, though.

Mosquitor doesn't look quite as impressive as I was hoping, but he's still pretty nice figure.

Will you pay $80+ for Granamyr, a dragon action figure that can't stand? Also, Gran looks super bored.

Here's Frosta to complete the She-Ra/Catra/Frosta trifecta.

Netossa has a similar color scheme to Frosta, but has a neat net cape.

Rattlor has an extended neck piece for stretching battles against Mekaneck. I like the figure, but I really like his 2002 General Rattlor design more.

Ram Man almost looks to have a sad expression on his face. Maybe he's sad because he took so long to get here.

Fisto's greatest nemesis, Jitsu. Who is better with their hand? Only the ladies will decide.

Fang Man looks kinda neat, I guess. Maybe.

An awesome piece of MOTU art.

2013's subscription exclusive is King He-Man, who is rather meh. He comes with a Skeletor origin comic for some reason.

Vykron was this year's SDCC exclusive. I appreciate that they made a figure based on the original concept for MOTU, but this guy just looks stupidly ridiculous, even by MOTU standards.

King Randor in his castle party gear, Queen Marlena, Dekker and a drunk Adora.

Cy-Chop looks amazingly terrible.

The MOTU 30th Anniversary super party van. Also, it was $100.