SDCC '12: Mega Man and Street Fighter Bobble Budds

Since the beginning of Bobble Budds, Capcom characters have really played the biggest part in helping their budding popularity, with various characters getting the Budd treatment through the years. Now, Mega Man and Street Fighter will have full lines that will supposedly continue on so we can see most of our favorite characters as Budds. SOTA and Multiverse Studio were showing off their freshly announced Mega Man and Street Fighter Bobble Budds at SDCC this year. The Mega Man Bobble Budds were making their debut at the show with Mega Man, Proto Man, Gutsman, and Elec Man on display, but only Proto Man was available to actually buy. I hope SOTA gets around to making all the robot masters from the first game, then continues to characters from Mega Man II. Meanwhile, the full first series of Street Fighter Bobble Budds were available with Ryu, Chun Li, Blanka, and Sagat.

The simple Bobble Budd design works very well for Mega Man characters.

There were three exclusive Bobble Budds at SDCC this year; a pink Chun Li, yellow Blanka, and Proto Man. Pink Chun Li was only being sold at the Capcom booth, while yellow Blanka and Proto Man were at the SOTA booth. I don't think any of the three exclusives sold out at the show, so you may see them pop-up somewhere else in the future.

I've always thought that Bobble Budds were expensive at $10, but this year they increased in price to $11 and are actually $12 on their retail site. Man, that's really pricy for a little Budd.

SOTA and Multiverse had all their other Budds on display too, like Saints Row 3 and their original ninjas and zombies, but let's face it, the Mega Man and Street Fighter ones are the stars of this Budd show.

- Shawn - 8/11/12