BioShock Infinite, Borderlands 2, Predator, Terminator, Gears of War 3, Prometheus, and Gremlins

NECA had a ton of cool figures at SDCC this year. I have to apologize in advance because somehow I didn't take a photos of the Hudson figure from Aliens or the Rambo figure from First Blood.

BioShock Infinite: Three large prototypes for BioShock Infinite were on display with the Columbia welcome statue, Elizabeth, and a Son of Silence. The Columbia statue is a very cool piece. I would have loved to see the in-game statues from the rest of the BioShock games get figure-sized statues, too. Elizabeth had a cloth outfit which is awesome because maybe we'll see more NECA figures with cloth outfits in the future. The Son of Silence just creeps me the hell out.

Borderlands 2: Four figures from Borderlands 2 were on display with Salvador, Zer0 the Assassin, and two Psycho Bandit variants. It was very surprising that there weren't any Claptrap repaints. There are Claptraps of many colors in Borderlands, so you'd think since NECA loves repaints that they would have at least one repaint for the ol' bot.

Predator: NECA continues their Predators line with... more Predators! They have the usual variations of Predators with or without masks, but they also have an awesome Predator with red armor. I think the line would benefit from even more original Predators like this guy. However, even better than more Predators, NECA also had two Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch figures coming to the line. One is a regular Dutch, the other is mud-covered. Even though they'll probably have limited articulation, the Dutch figures are fantastic. I hope this opens up the possibility of more characters from Predator.

The Terminator: NECA's upcoming Terminator series have a Kyle Reese, a new Arnold, and frozen T-1000. I'm so down for a Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese figure, even if he did get angry at SDCC right in front of his fans.

Prometheus: It kind of seems weird getting action figures for Prometheus, but since it's sort of an Alien prequel it makes sense. Besides, we get finally a brand new Alien variation. There will also be the Engineer in Space Jockey gear, Engineer not in Space Jockey gear, and the giant-ass face hugger.

Gears of War 3: I don't remember seeing NECA's usual diorama, but there were new Gears on display with a Toys 'R' Us exclusive series. You know, all these TRU exclusives are nice, but I've never seen any NECA figures at any other store. There were also the blue and pink Retro Lancers. Show off how much of a man you really are by getting a pink Lancer.

Gremlins: Mogwais Series 2 should be out soon, so now we can get an awesome Rambo Gizmo. There's the cross-dressing Gremlin that I know a couple won't be able to pass up.

- Shawn - 7/22/12

This is very nice piece. NECA should start making more statues from game levels.

Good call on the cloth outfit for Elizabeth, NECA.

The Sons of Silence scare the hell outta me.

"Get to da choppa!"

Mud-covered Dutch looks easy on NECA's paint apps.

I love this red Predator. The line needs more original stuff like this.

This guy is a Toys 'R' Us exclusive, in case you were wondering.

The 1/4 scale City Hunter prototype.

Another 1/4 scale Pred.

No Claptrap repaints? Aww.

RU exclusive Gears coming later in the year.

A Michael Biehn as Kyle Reese figure

NECA's exclusives for SDCC.

The TRU series has a gold Lancer!.

Only real men rock a pink Lancer.

Why are the Prometheus Space Jockeys such jerks?

Spoiler alert! This is at the end of Prometheus.

That is one giant face hugger.

Rambo Gizmo is out soon!

More Mogwai, more Gremlins.

NECA big Gremlins on the corners of the booth, but they should've been angled down so people could see them better.

You need this in you life.

Photos by Heidi and Shawn.