SDCC '12: Night Shadow Leonardo and other TMNTs

Nickelodeon had a radical setup for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon with four huge, dynamically posed statues of our favorite heroes in a half-shell. Four excellently costumed turtles also walked the floor and always had a huge crowd around them with people constantly getting photos with them. Nickelodeon was also selling stuff at their booth, like the deceptively cool Night Shadow Leonardo.

A very rare occasion of no one standing in front of the awesome TMNT statues.

Night Shadow Leonardo was never really officially announced as an SDCC exclusive. It was discovered on the Playmates website by various peoples, then Pixel-Dan asked about it and a Playmates rep confirmed that it would be an SDCC exclusive for around $20. It's a very cool looking variant of the new 4.5" Leonardo figure. Or at least that's what we all thought. I stood in line to get one, but the line took forever. Has Nickelodeon sold stuff at their booth before? If they have, it sure didn't seem like it. Why? For one, they were hand-writing receipts. Yes, hand-writing receipts in the year 2012. Another thing that held up the line was that they ran out of change for cash purchasers, so everyone had to wait until they got more cash for that one guy that didn't have exact change. The line went past a display case with the NS Leo figure with a tag next to it that said $30. Well, I guess that's kind of around $20. The higher end. I saw some fans almost not buy the figure because of the higher price, but they still did. Hell, I figured if I spent this long in line I might as well get one. Plus, it looks so cool. I spied a peek at the Nickelodeon rep's exclusives list and saw that Night Shadow Leonardo was limited to 600 pieces. So, if you were wondering exactly how limited Leo is, there you go. 600.

Night Shadow Leonardos on top of canisters filled with balls for some reason.

This Leo variant is not an action figure.

A bit after getting home after SDCC, I opened my NS Leo and well, NS Leo isn't really an action figure; it's more of statue variant of the new Leo figure, which is very weird. It only has one or two points of articulation. Actually, it's very disappointing because I was expecting something with as much articulation as the new figures. Yeah, had I know previously that NS Leo was a 4.5" statue and not an action figure like it's actually based on, then I might not have bought it. At least it looks totally awesome. That's something, right? There were other exclusives at the booth like shirts, a tote bag, a skate deck that you wouldn't be able to tell was related to TMNT unless someone told you, and a sweet print by Kevin Eastman. There were other things at the Nick booth that weren't TMNT, but it was mostly all about TMNT.

Some of the new TMNT figures were on display at the booth, but you can see them at your local retail store. Yep, I just saw them at my local Toys 'R' Us today and they look pretty good. They are also surprisingly affordably priced for their size, compared to nearly every other action figure series out right now.

There was another TMNT exclusive at the Entertainment Earth/Toys 'R' Us booth, but it wasn't really an SDCC exclusive. At EE, you could buy one or all four of the new 10" classic TMNT figures, $30 for one or $100 for all four. I saw a ton pf people walking around with these on the con floor; tons of people that didn't want to wait for them to be out at TRU. Meanwhile, IDW had a very limited slipcased set of all three hardcover variants of the TMNT Ultimate Edition books. It was limited to 40. Now that's a real limited edition, dudes and dudettes.

The 10" Raph and the other Turtles should be at Toys 'R' Us.

These shirts freak me out.

The new TMNT figures and Shellraiser van. This is all you get since they're already out in stores.

The TMNT skate deck and very limited Kevin Eastman print.

It was impossible to get a photo of just the Turtles, so enjoy a couple random people.

- Shawn - 7/18/12