SDCC '12: Random Sights and Displays

Star Wars, Expendables 2, Total Recall, Lego, South Park, Django Unchained, Silent Hill, Walking Dead, Bruce Lee, and more

This is mainly a photo gallery for things that didn't really fit into any of my other SDCC 2012 articles and galleries. Enjoy.

- Shawn - 8/26/12

The Expendables 2 section of the Lionsgate booth was full of bad-ass action.

Possibly the manliest poster ever.

BioWare sign at the BioWare signing.

Jabba parked his Sail Barge, or a smaller version of it, on the street.

The frakking awesome Battlestar Galactica coasters.

Are you good enough to drink out of Galactica's Top Gun stein.

Hasbro knows how to make people buy the AT-ST once again: put it in a vintage style box.

The Millennium Falcon is also getting re-released in a Vintage Collection box.

The lone Robotech display at the Toynami's booth.

Those plush Veritechs are pretty awesome.

A huge sign for Zone of the Enders HD Collection.

The Cantina display for Gentle Giant's jumbo retro Star Wars figures.

The lone Kre-O Star Trek set is cool, but too bad it's based on the new Star Trek.

This one Kre-O Battleship diorama is probably better than the entirety of the movie.

The hover motorcycle thing from Looper.

I don't remember what this is for, but it looks cool.

Those Stitch tiki statues are really cool. Also, burger Stitch looks delicious.

Total Recall's hover Chrysler.

Lest year we saw the hover cop car, this year the Chrysler.

Somehow I don't see that taillight passing safety standards unless there are other taillights on the corners.

An awesome super jumbo sized Darth Vader Fighter Pod figure next to a bazillion regular sized ones in a container.

And a super sized Chewbacca Fighter Pod. Hasbro should think about actually selling these huge Fighter Pod figures.

The overpriced Blue Snaggletooth jumbo figure.

Concept Stormtrooper mini bust isn't so mini.

Admiral Motti has a disturbing lack of faith.

Why the hell does Jar Jar in Carbonite even exist?

The Pyramid Head unpainted prototype is about to get busy.

Silent Hill nurse statues can be placed together for lots of creepy nurse action.

You can have your own black Stormtrooper costume for a mere $1,300.

Don't get Gizmo Bearbrick wet.

Marvel and DC HeroClix.

Gandalf statue is displayed to high to prevent passing.

Regular Show golf cart mayhem.

Magdalena and Lady Death statues.

A game of bookends and baby dragons.

A sweet statue of Sucker Punch's mini-gun samurai.

Kid Robot's SDCC exclusive Cyborg Labbit.

Kid Robot's SDCC exclusive Buddha Homer may be coming in other colors.

Bandai's action figure of the original and still the best Megazord.

How the hell does this thing move? Can it even move?

Robby the Robots.

The Pale Man can see you.

Please do not smash Lego Hulk.

I wonder how easily Lego Darth Maul can be split in half.

These are some cool Walking Dead bookends.

McFarlane Toys' black & white Michonne with zombies.

You get one My Little Pony picture this year.

Armors from some new Guillermo Del Toro movie.

This would be better with a Steelbook.

Was this from Warhammer?

Bruce Lee bronzed.

Mezco's Earthworm Jim exclusive is slightly metallic looking.

Here's a mediocre Halo 4 Master Chief armor for a grand.

How are that anime chick's nipples not showing?

The Comedian's costume at the DC booth.

The Arrow's green Arrow costume. And is that a Deathstroke mask?

IDW's Transformers series is quite good.

So is their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

IDW is getting Judge Dredd? Cool. I might have to check that out.

Bilbo and his party better be careful.

A big Lego DC display made of Legos.

Life-seize Lego Gandalf and Frodo.

No blood or sex at the Starz booth.

Shifty Look had an arcade that I didn't have time to check out.

The booth for the South Park: The Stick of Truth game.

"Stop playing on my shity wall!"

Goth kids hanging out on the side.

The white hooded assassin look doesn't really work during the American Revolution in Assassin's Creed III.

A small section of the upper portions of the Capcom booth.

What's a balloonicorn doing here?

A Django Unchained pop-up mini town.

I wasn't around when the TVs were on, but I'm sure they probably played the Django trailers over and over.

Is that ladder safe?

We were supposed to get free t-shirts, but once I was at the counter the guy said he was just told they're not going to it anymore, but that I can still have a Red Bull. Thanks?

Another of McFarlane Toys' black & white Walking dead exclusives.

The Walking Dead Minimates won't get past that the fence defenses.

Look at all those little Bruce Lee figures. Awesome.

I saw some dude proudly holding this above his head as he was walking around the con floor.

Photos by Heidi and Shawn.