SDCC '12: Square Enix Play Arts Kai

Mass Effect, Street Fighter, Tekken, Batman, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, Dead Space, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Halo, Hitman and More

Square Enix continues its goal is to make figures from every major videogame property. They have so many videogame properties under the Play Arts Kai flag now and it felt like they had more figures on display than any other year. If games from other companies' sell more than Square Enix's, well they'll just make a couple Play Arts Kai figures from the competing games and make money anyway.  Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid, Tekken, Devil May Cry, Dead Space, Halo, Resident Evil, Uncharted, and God of War are all games Square Enix doesn't own, but are still making money on. That seems like a pretty sound strategy. Also, now that Square Enix is making Tekken figures, there are Street fighter and Tekken figures in the same scale and with the same look, so there can be cool SF X T displays.

Square Enix just isn't making videogame characters into Play Arts Kai, but characters from anime and movies. I am excited to finally see Cowboy Bebop figures, starting with an awesome Spike figure. I'm sure the rest of the Bebop crew is on the way. They had better make an Ein to include with one of the figures, though, maybe with Ed. The team would feel incomplete without Ein. Square Enix also has The Dark Knight Rises figures coming to go along with their Arkham Asylum/City figures. There's also some kind of version of The Dark Knight Returns Batman coming out. It's not exactly the comics version, but maybe the skin from the Arkham games or the upcoming animated feature.

There were three exclusives for SDCC; a red Cyborg Ninja, and black & white versions of the Arkham Asylum Batman and Joker. The red Cyborg ninja was a great exclusive and sold out fairly quickly. Anyway, check out the ton of Play Arts Kai figures that were on display.

- Shawn - 7/29/12

I love that the only thing painted on the Kazuya prototype is his red eye.

Is Play Arts Kai Jun her appearance before or after she birthed Jin?

Finally we'll see some quality Cowboy Bebop figures. Spike here is looking fantastic.

I would've liked to have seen one of the other Cowboy Bebop characters before Vicious, but this gives Spike someone to fight.

Play Arts Kai Garrus is calibrated just right.

Tali looks great for a mystery alien.

To me, FemShep is just regular Shepard, but here's her default look in Play Arts Kai.

Ashley, your favorite space racist.

It's easy to tell Meryl form the other Play Arts Kai figures from the way she walks.

Default Male Shepard is ready to

Raiden is such a bigger and better bad ass as a cyber ninja.

Kojima was right, the Solidus figure is huge.

Cyborg Ninja in regular colors...

...and the SDCC exclusive red Cyborg Ninja.

Snake! You sold out! Snnaaaake!

A Dead Space 3 Isaac figure? Awesome.

Lara Croft's new look gets a figure, but will we ever see her older look as a Play Arts Kai?

So, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City's Lupo goes to Square Enix, while NECA got Vector. Kind of difficult to have a complete team in either scale.

Guile's theme goes with anything, even his action figure.

Ibuki is the next Street Fighter female to go Play Arts Kai.

Chun Li in black looks good, but that knee joint is atrocious.

For those that want their Cammy covered in white.

Why not just make this n Evil Ryu version?

Akuma in white and the other three alternate colored Street Fighters are Square Enix Shop exclusives.

Some kind of version of The Dark Knight Returns Batman.

Play Arts Kai Catwoman doesn't have a uni-brow like the DC Direct version.

Arkham City Robin is much better than a normal Robin.

The black & white exclusive Arkham Asylum Batman.

Arkham Asylum's Harley Quinn.

Joker in black & white is somehow creepier than in color.

The Dark Knight Rises is even getting Play Arts Kai. Also, Catwoman is in development.

Now I want to see a more regular Bane.

Arkham Asylum Batman on display again...

...along with the armored version.

Dante evens include his guitar. Amazing.

Vergil goes Play Arts Kai.

Master Chief from Halo 4 going Play Arts Kai

The Halo 4 random Spartans begin.

In case you missed them the other times, red Spartan...

...and a blue Spartan.

Lightning is more dynamically posed this year.

Hitman won't hit on Lara.

Once again, Uncharted 3's Nathan Drake...

...and God of War's Kratos.

Square Enix had more than just Play Arts Kai.