SDCC '12: Street Fighter X Sanrio - Round 1, Fight!

The Street Fighter X Sanrio collaboration teased with a single picture at SDCC '11 got hurricane kicked-off at SDCC this year. The Toynami booth had all the adorable Hello Kitty Street Fighters in different sizes. There were 12" plush and small figurines of Hello Kitty as Ryu, M. Bison, and Chun Li, plus a giant HK Chun Li plush. Above the display case were three signs of familiar Street Fighter scenes, and three big statues of the three HK Fighters alongside it. All the action wasn't just at the Toynami booth as Capcom had a Hello Kitty Chun Li cosplayer around the booth multiple times during the day.

Someone's about to get their ass kicked by a Hello Kitty.

The SDCC exclusive was a 12" Hello Kitty in Chun Li's Street Fighter Alpha outfit. It was limited to 1000 pieces and a certain number were available at both the Toynami and Capcom booths each day through Saturday at Toynami and through Sunday for Capcom. It also sold out around 20 minutes after the con opened each day. However, on Thursday at least, those still standing in line got to order one and have it shipped to their home, with free shipping. Awesome. I've been buying Hello Kitty things for my girlfriend for years, but as a huge Street Fighter fan, I'm man enough to admit that I'll now be buying Hello Kitty Street Fighter stuff for me.

The next question is: will there be some kind of Hello Kitty Street Fighter game?

The one Toynami display case packs a lot of adorable punch.

I love these little figurines. I sincerely hope they are planning to make all the original Street Fighter characters like this.

The 12" Hello Kitty Street Fighter plush. So soft, so deadly.

HK Bison uses her psycho power to levitate!

That giant HK Chun has those thighs.

- Shawn - 7/17/12

Photos by Heidi.