SDCC '12: Super7 to Make New Alien Figures from Over 30 Years Ago

Also Retro Transformers and Star Wars

In 1979, there were going to be 3&3/4" figures for the Alien movie. Kenner made prototypes, but the figures were never produced. Somehow, someway, Super7 was able to get the prototypes and get the license to actually make the figures... over 30 years later. This is so strange yet so unbelievably awesome. At their SDCC booth, Super7 had an unpainted alien and Kane prototypes on display. Not only will Super7 being making the retro action figures, but they'll also be making fast food style glasses. I love the look of the figures and the glasses, but I wonder why Hasbro isn't making the figures. Super7 is a designer toy company and most of their stuff is pretty pricey, so I'm worried that all this cool stuff will carry designer price tag.

The un-produced Aliens figures, now being made over 30 years later, along with retro glasses.

Super7 also has the license to make Transformers stuff. There wasn't anything at their booth, but cardboard displays saying what they'll be making. They'll have Super Shoguns, vinyl figures, glasses, t-shirts, and art prints. This all means that we'll see at least Optimus Prime and maybe a few other characters with rocket fists, which is super cool.

Super7 already had the Star Wars license with their Super Shogun Stormtrooper, but now they're making a Super Shogun Boba Fett. On display was a piece of concept art and the unpainted prototype head. They'll also be coming out with some classy Star Wars wallpaper that will no doubt be a hit with the ladies. Very fancy.

- Shawn - 7/21/12

Just how did Super7 even score those Alien prototypes?

I need to add some Alien glassware to my meals.

So, will the Transformers stuff have a designer price tag?

With all those missiles I think Super Shogun Boba Fett might be firing more than just his fists.