SDCC '12: The Behemoth's Necromancer Cometh

As usual, The Behemoth was at SDCC with Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater arcade cabinets and loads of cool merchandise. They had figures, shirts, and charms, but they also brought with them the Necromancer figurine prototype that was totally funded through Kickstarter. They call it a figurine, but this guy is way too big for that. I'd say the Necromancer is in statue territory because he is freaking huge. It towers over the Castle Crashers figures at around 10" tall and is just as wide with the wings. Yes, he's not quite this big in the game, but just look at how boss he is at this size. Once the Behemoth starts producing this guy it'll cost $60. The Necromancer is a sight to behold and holds that special level of sheer awesomeness.

The Necromancer cometh for your Clown Princess.

The Necromancer towers over the Castle Crashers... literally!

- Shawn - 7/21/12