SDCC '12: The Hoff and K.I.T.T. at Mattel

David Hasselhoff and his deep V made an appearance at Mattel's SDCC booth to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of Knight Rider. Wow, it's been 30 years? Man, I'm getting old. The Hoff was signing autographs and had with him Mattel's SDCC K.I.T.T. exclusive. It's a pretty cool thing. The super fancy box splits open and as it opens, it lifts up the display case of K.I.T.T. turbo boosting while K.I.T.T. says a line from the show.  The actual K.I.T.T. was also at SDCC at Mattel's booth, with all the lights going. It also had a DVD player playing the Knight Rider Season 3 DVD so Michael Knight could watch himself drive K.I.T.T. while driving K.I.T.T. Nice.

- Shawn - 8/13/12

The Hoff demonstrates most people's reaction when they open Mattel's K.I.T.T. exclusive for the first time.

"I said not to wear a see-through shirt. Now everyone's gonna look at your chest instead of my deep V."

No one knows cool like The Hoff.

" I said, that's not K.I.T.T. That's my wife!"

Photos by Heidi.