SDCC '12: ThreeA

ThreeA brought a lot of their awesome toys with them to SDCC this year and crammed them all into two display cases. They didn't have a ton of room at the IDW booth, so they made due and filled every available spot in the cases. There was so much going on into those two display cases I may have missed something hidden behind something else. They brought the Carter figure from Halo Reach, Ashley Wood's version Gundam's Zaku, Popbot, kitties, Squares, Zombs, 2000 AD, girls, Noms, Berties, and a severed foot. Yes, ThreeA sold a severed foot not too long ago and actually has a whole leg coming out in the future. See, one of the reasons ThreeA is such a great company because they make whatever they want. There were even figures of founders Ashley Wood and Kim Fung Wong in big trench coats.

I like the way ThreeA did their exclusives at the show this year. You had to pre-order Companion Square, Mighty Squaro, and the Team Fortress Sandvich online to pick it up at the show. It really saved people time at SDCC because it's one less line they have to stand in to get cool stuff. There was also a "during SDCC sale" at ThreeA's Bambaland online store for those that couldn't attend. There were also various books for sale and T-Shirts that came with a huge bullet container. These weren't available for the pre-order, so fans had to get them if they could like any other SDCC exclusive.

Ashley Wood and other artists were at the booth for signings. There were even people from Valve at a few points, which was cool. ThreeA had a huge logo poster in their spot at the IDW booth with their different properties including their own and others that are not their own such as Halo, 2000 AD, and the like. One name on the poster that they haven't officially announced was Capcom. ThreeA likes to tease and having Capcom on their poster was a huge tease. What is ThreeA doing with Capcom? Mega Man? Street Fighter? A mech from something like Lost Planet? We'll just have to wait and find out.

Check out photos to see all the stuff they had tightly crammed in their display cases.

- Shawn - 8/1/12

Photos by Heidi and Shawn.