SDCC '13: A Question with Regular Show Creator J.G. Quintel

I absolutely love Regular Show. I grew up in the 80s and early 90s so I get a lot of the humor the show provides. There was something that I had been wondering for a while and thought that maybe I'd get the chance to ask it to Regular Show creator and voice of Mordecai, J.G. Quintel, directly at SDCC. I tried to attend the Regular Show panel, but the line was super long when I got in it. There was a back to back Regular Show and Adventure Time panel block, so fans of both cartoons were in line. The time came for the panel to start and I was nowhere near the front. The line was looping up and down itself before even going into the building, so I left. There was also a Regular Show autograph session which I tried for before getting into the panel line, but tickets were gone about two seconds after the convention center doors opened in the morning, so that was out even before the long panel line. The next day I was at the Entertainment Earth booth to get one of the last Masterpieces Soundwaves (after I got mine there were only six left; I got it right in time.) I saw that J.G. Quintel would be signing there, so after I dropped off Soundwave at my car, I headed back to EE and got in line.

Before I got to meet J.G. a little kid and his dad walked by the booth. The kid saw the Regular Show sign and stepped up to the J.G. who said something to the boy. I wasn't close enough to hear what he said to the kid, but whatever he said made the kid freak out, in a good way. It was pretty cool.

I asked J.G. if he ever considered releasing Regular Show on VHS tape. Much of Regular Show's humor references the 80s and early 90s, so a Regular Show VHS would be the perfect thing. Also, it was recently done for the movie V/H/S, so it was obviously something that was possible. J.G. said that he wanted to put the first season or two on Laserdisc and hand it out to fans at Comic-con. It didn't happen because they couldn't find anyone who actually still made Laserdiscs, so they weren't able to do it. However, he said the Regular show VHS tapes are a possibility and maybe we'll see them at SDCC next year. Wow, if that happens, I am already in line for it.

J.G. Quintel, ch-ch-ch-chillin in the booth.

There was also a Regular Show Regular Zone thing going on at the Children's Museum down the street from SDCC. Unfortunately, I was also unable to get in to that. When I was finally able to make it there, a lady manning the museum said it closed at 2pm. Closed at 2?! The elderly don't even go to bed that early! Why the heck would you close it at 2 in the afternoon? Oh well. At least I got photos of the giant inflatable Mordecai and Rigby. That's something, right?

Inflatable Mordecai and Rigby! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

- Shawn - 8/21/13