SDCC '13: Cosplay

It's time once again for a healthy dose of cosplay. My cosplay gallery isn't nearly as big as some previous years because I was focusing more on some other things this year, but I still saw lots of fantastic cosplay. From the amount of cosplay I saw, my winners are the Quarian group of casual Tali and her Quarian friend, Raven, just because, and Optimus because it's terrific version of the big Prime. The Galactus was super-impressive, as were the two Gears from Gears of War whose costumes were basically perfect. There's still a bunch of great cosplay below, like a wicked Victorian assassin lady. enjoy and I'll see you cosplayers next time.

- Shawn - 8/24/13

Tali will die from all the SDCC germs if she doesn't put her full protective suit back on. I also love the custom Mako she's holding.

I think this amazing Galactus has won a cosplay contest or two.

Raven is all the rave.

The always delightful Mad Moxxi give us an alternate outfit. Was that DLC?

Hoodie Black Ranger with the big Mega Man anniversary statue.

Lady Magneto has a certain kind of magnetism.

These two bad-ass bros were bulky enough to pull off the Gears look. Nice.

Bringing a bit of the ol' ultra-violence to SDCC.

Is this what Ursula looked like before Ariel came to town? Damn, that Ariel ruined everything.

There's time for some Fooly Cooly. Fooly Cooly!

It's Hatty Hattington from BattleBlock Theater!

A Victorian assassin? Kind of hot.

Deadmaus-pool, Spider-Deadmaus, and a Skelanimal.

These two seem to be alternate version so Princess Bubblegum and Marceline.

Hsien-Ko had those big hands to crush you.

Lara Croft was raiding SDCC for some exclusive loot.

It's Felicia!

Red has a pretty mouth.

You might not believe me if I told you there was a girl under that sweet Optimus Prime. It is.

Another shot of Optimus because awesome!

Space Gorilla!

Just what is the wicked Witch doing with Fisto and bone-master Skeletor? I think I just answered my own question.

That Witchblade is amazing. The other two are great, too, though I'm not sure who they are.

Kalisi has her army. Now she just needs a throne.

Miss America, Hawkeye, and Lady Thor.

Destro and an incredible Zarana

Walking Dead Batman. Clever idea.

Tekken's Xiaoyu and... some guy from Yu-Gi-Oh?

Thor is going to hammer Black Widow later.

These X-Women seem a little different...

Dredd is not amused with Beetlejuice or SDCC.

A gathering of Bat-villains.

I'm not sure on this one, but it looks cool.

The Riddler and Batwoman are Robin's real parents?

I'm not sure why Harley, casual Boba, and Sektor are together, but they are.

The most daring stuntwoman at SDCC.

An appropriately ripped Ryu and Akuma before becoming evil.

Black Widow has more where that came from.

A Dark Knight Retires web series, eh? Huh.

Domo can't see without his glasses.

Ol' Charlie Chaplin was wiggling his 'stache in the halls.

Half-naked dude in a robo-suit. Yep.

A very awesome Space Invader was clearing a path through the crowds.

Nyan Cat!