SDCC '13: Gundam

Bluefin Distribution had two booths at SDCC this year. Their first booth was in their normal area near NECA, Action Figure Xpress, and Hasbro Toy Shop. This booth contained the Tamashii Nations MonsterArts, FigureArts, and Chogokin goods. The second booth was in one of the far corners of the convention center, located in the newly designated area for all the videogame companies. This corner booth had all their Bandai Gunpla Gundams, other model kits, and whatever other goodies they felt like having. It was quite a trek, going from one booth to the other, especially during SDCC's busiest hours, which was all the time. Maybe next year they'll be able to get a single big booth like some of the larger companies; they'll certainly have plenty of product to fill the space with.

Three of the awesome exclusives at Bluefin.


I've already shown off MonsterArts, FigureArts, and a few Chogokin in my previous Tamashii Nations galleries, so this gallery is regulated to many of the Gundam models and figures on display at Bluefin's corner booth. There are also a couple shots of Star Blazers 2199 ships to make a full armada with, and models from something called Valvrave.

- Shawn - 8/17/13