SDCC '13: Hasbro G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe figures, Jon M. Chu, and Ray Park

Hasbro had a single display case for G.I. Joe this year. I think everything on display had already been announced previously or is currently in stores. The ultimate versions of Duke, Firefly, Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander, Flint, and Roadblock were all there. These ultimates are some fantastic Joe figures. They have a ton of accessories, possibly even more than the excellent Pursuit of Cobra line, and include a larger accessory along with lots of smaller ones. The ultimates should be out in September and be some welcome additions to fans' Joe collections. Other figures on display were the Data Viper, Budo, Cobra Combat Ninja, Kwinn, and a Crimson Guard. I'm pretty sure we've seen photos of all these guys before, but now at least I've seen them in person until they hit shelves in September.

The final G.I. Joe and the the Transformers set. Supposedly. Unless Hasbro decides to make Thrust out of a Rattlor or Ultra Magnus from a Rolling Thunder. Either one of those would blow my mind.

This isn't my favorite figure of him by far, but Snake Eyes looks super boss holding onto Blaster.

Hasbro's only G.I. Joe exclusive for the show was the awesome G.I. Joe and the Transformers Jetfire set. The Jetfire Skystriker and Baroness with Ravage are the gems in this set. After seeing Baroness and Ravage I wish even more that the original statue was never cancelled. Bludgeon is also very cool and there's a small Blaster to go along with the Soundwave from last year's exclusive. Hound looks like a normal VAMP and the Snake Eyes just looks weird; the green pants don't work with his black ninja top. You probably already know that Harmony Gold is suing Hasbro, because Harmony Gold is so ridiculously sue-happy. Harmony Gold wants all the profits, damages to "lost sales," and for all the sets to be recalled, among other things. Harmony Gold hardly releases any Robotech product, just a few things here and there each year - if that - so there is no way this can be hurting their profits. Maybe instead of suing everybody they feel is sucking their profits they should actually finish the Robotech: Shadow Rising movie they announced, what, three years ago now? Four years ago? More? I love Robotech, but Harmony Gold makes me embarrassed to be a Robotech fan. Okay, my mini-rant is over.

Hasbro also had a couple autograph sessions for Joe fans, with the director of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Jon M Chu, and Ray Park, Snake Eyes in both live-action movies. They both signed a special limited mini-lithograph for G.I. Retaliation that was only available at SDCC. I've met Ray Park a long time ago in another con far away after Star Wars Episode 1 came out. He is still a super cool guy and has all the moves. Jon M. Chu is an awesome guy and Retaliation turned out great for a live-action Joe movie; about million percent better then the first one. Jon M. Chu also has hi own G.I. Joe action figure now, which he was proudly displaying and holding onto for the signing. Check out all the figures below along with a photos of Jon M. Chu and Ray Park.

- Shawn - 8/9/13

Hound is really just a normal VAMP. Hmm, the robots in disguise part is working.

Now I really wish that the cancelled Ravage and Baroness statue got made.

He's going to vipe your data.

Ultimate Firefly includes the mini HISS tank, originally included with the terrible Cobra Commander Rise of Cobra exclusive.

Look at all those guns Duke has. He can't possibly carry all of those.

Ulti-Flint's bike helmet just looks silly. He should include a combat bicycle.

Budo is looking pimp.

Ultimate Storm Shadow includes the all important ninja fan.

Hooded or helmet?

The Cobra Combat Ninja got tired.

The awesome Eaglehawk is out now!

Get to da choppa!.

Kwinn includes a nasty bear trap.

It's always good to see the Crimson Guard in a new Joe series.

Ray Park plays with his favorite action figure, Snake Eyes.

The signing booth. For signings.

Director Jon M. Chu now has his very own G.I. Joe figure.

Ray Park nearly ran off with a fan's SDCC Jetfire set because he thought it was so cool.