SDCC '13: Hasbro Marvel Universe

Hasbro brought back the Marvel Universe assault on Castle Doom diorama from last year, but made it bigger and better, even including Devil Dinosaur fighting Fin Fang Foom, a six-armed Ultron, and a couple repurposed G.I. Joe and Indiana Jones vehicles. The diorama was pretty amazing and probably had nearly every Marvel Universe figure in there somewhere. Unfortunately, The Marvel Universe and Legends lines will be ending, but the figures will be continuing into the movie lines. I'm not so sure this is a good idea though because it makes me wonder if we are seeing the end of highly articulated Marvel figures. The movie lines' figures have limited articulation and look and feel a little cheaper than the Universe figures. However, new Marvel Universe figures have been nearly impossible to find at retail, so maybe this is good and we'll actually be able to find the figures if they are in the movie lines. I just don't want to see them lose all that supreme articulation.

A epic battle fit for Doom.

This year's Marvel Universe exclusive was the totally rad Deadpool Corps Taco Truck set. I love this set. Oh, and my prediction about Baron Zemo from SDCC last year was right; there will be a retail release of Zemo, who was previously a part of the Masters of Evil exclusive from SDCC 2012. Whether you'll actually see him in stores is a different matter.

- Shawn - 8/31/13