SDCC '13: Hasbro Transformers

Masterpiece, Platinum, Generations, Thrilling 30, Beast Hunters

Last year, I said I thought Hasbro underestimated the demand for the Bruticus. They limited him to two per person, but probably weren't expecting so may people to actually buy two of him since he cost $100. This year Hasbro had Metroplex, the largest Transformer ever, for $150. Hasbro smartly limited him to one per person, but even with that and the $150 price tag, Metroplex still sold out well before SDCC was done. He was also number 1 in the Thrilling 30 line. The Thrilling 30 line seems to consist of mostly exclusives, and even some of the exclusives get repeated. The Shockwave lab is in there twice, and so is Metroplex. They're just different regional exclusives. So, Thrilling 30 isn't really what anyone was expecting, but there's still a lot of other great Transformers stuff coming out now or coming soon.

Masterpiece Soundwave was a super popular exclusive at SDCC, even though it wasn't really an SDCC exclusive. Masterpiece Soundwave is exclusive to Toys 'R' Us stores, but Entertainment Earth was selling him at SDCC for them. An EE person told me they had 200 for each day, so there was chance of getting one if someone missed out on a previous day. I like when exhibitors have an allotment for each day, so then the attendees that can only go for the weekend still have a chance to get something that is insanely popular. I was in line and a EE guy came around asking everybody in the line if they were buying a Soundwave. I had high hopes because he didn't cut anyone off at the time. Once I got to the front and bought a Soundwave, another EE guy said there were only six left, so I got there just in time. I knew I probably wouldn't find Soundwave in stores, so I had to get it at SDCC.

The amazing Masterpiece Soundwave.

Now THIS is the real Predaking.

The other exclusives were the Masterpiece Acid Storm, the Shockwave lab set with a G1-colored Shockwave and translucent Predaking in a test tube, and the Titan Guardian figure set. The Titan Guardian figure sets didn't sell out. I guess people just don't care about Transformers if they don't transform. The early morning of the first full day before the convention center doors opened, I saw a guy with a Masterpiece Acid Storm standing in line. He obviously bought it the night before, but for some odd reason he decided to bring it back with him to the chaos of SDCC. He was transforming it, flying it around, and basically playing with it. Now, I have no problems with the guy plying with it because it is a toy, but why do it in the line of one of the busiest conventions? Once the line gets moving, he has to carry it worth him, and with all the bumping and cramming people do in the SDCC aisle, it could easily get broken it it isn't well-protected.

If you missed out on the SDCC exclusive Bruticus from last year (you know the one that is actually in game accurate colors unlike the ugly colored Combaticons that were at mass retail), you have another chance to get it. The former SDCC Bruticus is being boxed with an updated Fall of Cybertron Grimlock. The Grimlock in the box is a little different than the first release and has gold chrome pieces. The set is $100, too, which is a hell of a deal if you don't have these already. I'm sure some fans are sore that the SDCC Bruticus is going to some retailers since some may have paid upwards of $300 for it a couple years ago, but they don't get the cool Decepticon symbol box. That's something, I guess. At least more fans will be able to get game accurate colored Bruticus, if they even care anymore, that is.

The ugly-as-shit Linkin Park Soundwave was on display. It's Soundwave painted in a horrid gold color, along with his cassettes. The box is black with gold accents, so that looks ind ofcool, but man, that Soundwave just looks absolutely terrible. The re-issue G1 Predaking is awesome. I never got the original so I need this in my life. The Year of the Snake Optimus and Omega Supreme have been available for a while. Omega Supreem looks good, but that Optimus is so awkward looking.

Hasbro is bringing Transformers Armada back, starting with a couple toys in the Generations line; Armada Starscream and a pack of mini-cons. I couldn't get into Armada, so these aren't my bag of Transformers. Starscream is a new sculpt, though, and he does look pretty cool.

Of course, Hasbro had a huge epic battle diorama. This diorama seemed like an all-out attack on Shockwave's Predacon lab on Cybertron, with Predacons breaking out of test tubes and lights everywhere.

- Shawn - 8/27/13

Omega Supreme transforms into a battleship train thing. Neat.

Besides the Transformers collectors who buy everything, how many people truly care enough about Acid Storm to want a Masterpiece version of him?

A second chance for Bruticus in game accurate colors.

Windcharger and Scoop both include little mini-con like dudes.

Before he was Predaking, he was a test tube baby.

Platinum Ultra Magnus has a jet booster thing on him.

Before Predaking was the name of a single character robo-dragon with a British accent, he was made of Predacons.

Why so blue, Predaking?

From here on out I think we can expect Transformers other than G1 to get the Generations treatment.

The smaller commander class Shockwave and a very colorful Bombshock.

Year of the Snake Optimus Prime has one of the most bizarre trailers.

The Loyal Subjects vinyl figures and Transformers glasses with big symbols.

This looks terrible! The Linkin Park Soundwave. Yuck.

How does Optimus drive anywhere with his bumper claws touching the ground?

Shockwave wins. Fatality.