SDCC '13: Kotobukiya

Street Fighter, Tekken, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Trigun, Halo, and More

At SDCC this year Kotobukiya announced the next Street Fighter Bishoujo: Cammy. The placeholder card had Cammy's silhouette along with Round 2 and 3 text. So who will be the third Street Fighter lady to get Bishoujo-ed? It'll probably either be Sakura or Juri, but I'm betting Juri. The Chun Li Bishoujo prototype was on display, along with Tekken's Jun Kazama. Chun Li looks like a very normal Chun Li, which is kind of surprising since many Bishoujo statues skank up the characters a bit. Jun on the other hand is wearing a very revealing outfit. Another prototype on display was the Armored Wonder Woman, but, where is the armored part? It looks like she'll just be wearing a skirt and cape compared to the first one; does that count as armor?

There was not a new Mass Effect Bishoujo announced, so sorry ME fans. I'd like to see a Tali eventually, but with all the hate Koto got from Mass Effect fans about the Liara and Fem-Shep statues, it wouldn't surprise me if Koto was done with Mass Effect Bishoujo. For Star Wars Bishoujo, the next statue will be Mara Jade, which is cool for the expanded universe fans. When are they venturing into the regular movie characters, though? Slave Leia would be a perfect choice for a Bishoujo statue and we all know it would sell out immediately.

Kotobukiya's lone exclusive this year was a Harley Quinn Bishoujo statue, with an unmasked head and a gold phallic mallet instead of a brown phallic mallet. It was limited to 3000, which is actually more than many of their previous exclusives. Koto must have figured that she's such a popular character that she deserved a bigger number.

The Star wars ArtFX line will see a couple classic character two-packs of Han with Chewbacca, and Luke with Leia. There were only placeholder cards for them. I wonder if Hasbro's Star Wars Black 6" figures will hurt the sales of Koto's 7" ARTFX line. It might. There is only an inch difference and the Hasbro figures are full articulated, even though the ArtFX statues look amazing.

Kotobukiya also announced some kind of Halo 4 stuff coming, which will probably be cool.

Take a gander at the photos from the Kotobukiya booth, including a lot of Marvel and DC statues. That Venom statue is pretty sick and goes perfectly with that Spider-Man statue.

- Shawn - 8/11/13