Aliens, Predator, Pacific Rim, Robocop, Borderlands, BioShock Infinite, Gremlins

Aliens: So far NECA is doing an amazing job with their Aliens line and there is some great stuff coming up. The Alien Egg with LEDs and launching Facehugger should do some good for dioramas everywhere. There is an updated original alien coming out, along with a blue Alien warrior. There is also a new character, Sgt. Craig Windrix, the brother of NECA sculptor Kyle Windrix, who has stage 4 cancer. NECA is making a figure to honor him which is very cool. I am loving the Aliens figures, but probably won't end up getting the shot-up Alien 2-packs. While these 2-packs include a Hicks and Hudson with different facial expressions, the shot-up Aliens kind of limit how the figures can be displayed.

However, most awesome of all, is that Jones the Cat is being made into a figure. This is all due to my old friend Paul, aka "Vincent" from The Robot's Pajamas. He did the twit thing on Twitter to telling NECA they should make Jones. And they did. And that's pretty damn awesome. Rumors are that Jones will actually be included with a Ripley figure, which would be absolutely incredible.

Hicks popped out of the egg! How can that be?!


Predators: NECA is bringing more Preds and more Dutch. There is seriously going to be a Dutch figure for ever scene in Predator where he's wearing slightly less. There's even going to be a thermal vision Dutch. It seems like a figure like that would be an exclusive somewhere because it's just a little too irregular to be in a normal series. Two figures from Series 11 were shown off with some kind of incredible armored cyborg Predator and an updated Elder Pred. Oh, and I love the NECA's updated Kenner Preds. I can't wait for those.

The exclusive was the Albino Pred from Batman: Dead End and they also had the yellow Pred from the short on display, so that might be in a future series. NECA's Predator skull pack has been available since just before SDCC and is an amazing deal. All the skulls without having to buy all the Predator figures if you don't want them. Seriously, buy that skull pack.

Mud Dutch blends in pretty well, not so much thermal vision Dutch.

Updated nostalgia.

Pacific Rim: Pacific Rim was a cool movie, if highly cliché. Extremely highly. The robot designs were good, even though all the other Jaegers looked better than main 'bot Gipsy Danger. The Kaiju were kind of difficult to tell apart at times. The current figures were on display, along with the upcoming Striker Eureka and Leatherback. I like both of these figure more than the series 1 figures. Also on display was the 18" Gipsy Danger and an unpainted prototype of Knifehead. Knifehead is getting all the Kaiju love so far, but it would be great to eventually see an 18" Leatherback. There were also Pacific Rim HeroClix, which should be cool.

Striker Eureka and Leatherback, who looks like the right size.

The 18" prototype Knifehead was hanging out on top of NECA's display cases.

Robocop: ED-209! September! Awesome! That's all NECA really showed for Robocop, but, it's ED-209.

"You have 20 seconds to comply!"

Borderlands: Well, apparently only Claptrap figures were deemed worthy of being produced, because all that was only display was Gentleman Caller Claptrap. I love all the Claptraps, but I still want figure of the main characters. Is everything that's not a Claptrap cancelled?

Well hello there, traveler.

BioShock Infinite: The only thing on display was the unpainted prototype for the Iron Patriot. We've seen this painted already at Toy Fair, so I'm not sure why we didn't see that one. It still looks menacingly awesome, though.

Gremlins: Melting witch Gremlin, Machine Gun Gremlin, WB Gremlin, and Greta were all shown, but no Spider Gremlin. I still see a bunch of older Gremlins at Toys 'R' Us, so who knows if these will actually come out.

Prometheus: The hologram variants of the Engineers were on display, but I already go the figure I wanted form the Prometheus line, the Deacon.

NECA had the goods this year. Check out the rest of the photos below.

- Shawn - 8/7/13