SDCC '13: Square Enix Play Arts Kai

Robocop, Aliens, Metal Gear Solid, Captain Harlock, Final Fantasy, DC, Street Fighter, Tekken, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 6, Zetman

Square Enix just keeps getting more and more licenses for their Play Arts Kai figures. A ton of their current, upcoming, and prototype figures were on display at SDCC. They had advance sales for some of the newest figures, which all sold out, along with their exclusives. Their exclusives this year were the blue variant of Raiden from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and a metallic Dark Knight trilogy Batman. If you visited the Konami booth you might have been able to pick up the sharp looking white MGR:R Raiden, previously only available through Japan's Konami Style store. There were a ton of figures on display, but there are a few I'm going to single out.

Robocop: Holy frak, there's going to be a Play Arts Kai Robocop. So far the prototype is looking fantastic. It looks like the leg panel is removable for some kind of gun in leg possibility. It would be cool if the final figure's leg was fully functional like NECA's spring-loaded Robocop, but I'll be okay if it's not because I need a big fully articulated Robocop figure in my life. Can you imagine if Square Enix eventually made an ED-209? It would be huge!

Aliens: Colonial Marines: Well, unfortunately Square Enix is making Aliens figures based on the terrible Aliens: Colonial Marines game. Fortunately, Aliens don't differ too much between Aliens media, so I can just call these Aliens figures. The Aliens are looking great and have some fantastic sculpted bases. Tamashii Nations is making a MonsterArts Alien, but I'm excited for the Square Enix ones because these will be big and have a ton of viable display options like Aliens Vs. Final Fantasy, Aliens Vs. Metal Gear, Aliens Vs. DC, and Aliens Vs. Street Fighter. Even Aliens Vs. Captain Harlock. I have a feeling these will be on the higher end of Play Arts Kai figure prices, though, and won't be surprised to see them at $100.

Final Fantasy: The figure I'm most excited about from good ol' Final Fantasy is Red XIII. The original Play Arts Red XIII is still one of my favorites and a Kai scale version is amazing. I just wish it included a Cait Sith like the original, but it doesn't look like it will. There was a prototype for Tidus on display who, yes, included a Blitzball. Blargh! Also, even though I saw it for myself, I still can't get that there's going to be a Rufus figure.

Captain Harlock: Wow, these are incredible. I'm a fan of the old Harlock anime, but I think these are based on the upcoming new movie. Still, these look great and I would love to have a highly detailed Harlock figure.

Metal Gear Solid: Of course, Square Enix had a prototype for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Snake, but this Snake wont be voiced by David Hayter and that makes me sad. If you don't like super cyber ninja MGR:R Raiden, the Metal Gear Solid 2 Raiden is coming soon. And Liquid Snake with his missile launcher and sick abs.

Tekken: Kazuya and Jun still look great. I'd like to see more Tekken characters get the Play Arts Kai treatment.

Street Fighter: Guile looks good, but he only has one Sonic Boom effect. He should have two. And a comb. The rest of the fighters on display, Ibuki, Sakura, and Ken, are also looking good.

DC: Man, Square Enix is making almost as many DC figures as they are Final Fantasy figures. Their Variant DC figures, where Square Enix is making their own armored versions of DC heroes, were a big draw at the booth, but are a mixed bag. Some of the figures look good, while others look absolutely terrible. Batgirl and Batman look cool and for some reason Flash actually works for me. I don't know why. It' probably difficult for him to move so fast in all that armor, though. Green Lantern is still absolutely terrible. Superman and Aquaman were just prototypes, but I have a feeling they might turn out like Green Lantern and look bad. There was also a prototype for Supergirl, which might turn out good. It looks like there's armor on her boobs and she has an armored skirt. I'm not quite sure how an armored skirt works, but it should be interesting. There was also a variant Variant Batman on display with red highlights. It's almost like a Batman Beyond version. I couldn't get into Batman Beyond, but I do like this Batman.

Check out the tons of figures at Square Enix.

- Shawn - 8/4/13