SDCC '13: Super7 Alien ReAction Figures and Glassware

It was at last year's SDCC where Super7 first announced they were making the long lost Kenner Alien figures. Fast forward a year later to SDCC '13 where fans were able to pre-order the complete set of figures for the first time. Those who pre-ordered the set got a sweet Early Bird Package. Those who didn't get to go to SDCC will get pre-order the figures from Super7 starting August 1st, along with the awesome Alien glasses.

34 years later, the Alien figures are finally made.

The bloody Chestburster glass will be my new favorite.

All five of Super7's Alien ReAction figures were on display with packaging samples. The figures look fantastically retro, just as they would have looked in 1979. Everyone who signed-up for Super7's mailing list also got a cool little Alien ReAction stand. They only got one though, so those of us who want to display all the figures on a stand will have to hunt around for extras.

The incredible glasses were also on display. Super7 upgraded the original cheap plastic Burger King style cups into full pint glasses. I absolutely love the Chestburster glass and how bloody it is. Veronica Cartwright (Lambert) even approved the image and signed a print of it, which you can see in the photos below.

The "discovered sale samples" were also exclusive to SDCC and sold out on preview night. I had a good spot in line Thursday morning and was told all the prototype figures were gone, but at least I was able to order two Alien sets to get two Early Birds. I got one for myself and the other for my good friend Vincent over at The Robot's Pajamas. Check out the photos of the Alien section of the Super7 booth below and be sure to visit Super7 on August 1st to order the figures and/or glasses.

- Shawn - 7/28/13