SDCC '13: Tamashii Nations S.H. FigureArts and D-Arts

Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Mega Man, Injustice, Power Rangers, Tiger & Bunny, & More

Sailor Moon: The S.H. FigureArts Sailor Moon figures are a huge deal. Pre-orders have been going strong and a few retailers have even stopped them because of the high demand. They're fully articulated and the first Sailor Moon figures in a very long time. Sailor Moon herself was in display, but I didn't see Luna anywhere. Sailor Jupiter was announced at SDCC this year with her prototype standing proudly with the prototypes of Sailors Mars and Mercury. Moon is out in September and Mercury in November, but there is no date for Mars of Jupiter just yet. I'm sure all the Sailor Scouts will get made and there has to be a Queen Beryl at some point since the Scouts do need to punish somebody. Also, I know far too much about Sailor Moon.

Dragon Ball Z: Tons of DBZ figures were there, but the gem on display was a stunning and enormous fully articulated Shenron dragon. If Bandai Tamashii Nations is making huge Godzilla monsters, then there is no doubt that Shenron will be put in full production. I remember Shenron being much bigger in the anime, though, so he's probably not to scale with the actual DBZ figures. However, it would be cool to have Shenron facing off against MonsterArts Godzilla.

Mega Man: SDCC '13 was the debut of the fan-favorite Bass and Treble D-Arts figures. Many of the previous figures were on display, along with the new Sigma. I'm not into the Mega Man figures as much as I initially thought I'd be. I love them and think they look fantastic, but I think it's more of that there are too may other action figure lines that take priority and I can't afford everything, so I have to forego something. For example, the Godzilla MonsterArts take up a huge amount of my figure budget. I do have one X figure, at least.

Injustice: There were no S.H. FigureArts Injustice figures on display, just a card announcing them. I'm sure these will look fantastic, though, probably better than DC Collectibles 3&3/4" outings with the characters.

Power Rangers: I still need to pick up that original Megazord. There were a boatload of Power Ranger figures there and Jason David Frank even made an appearance at the booth. Awesome!

Tiger & Bunny: While I enjoy the anime, I don't feel the need to own any Tiger & Bunny figures. That said, I do like that they have the Double Chaser motorcycle. I would like to see more vehicles for S.H. FigureArts, especially some of Bulma's crazy vehicles from Dragon Ball and DBZ.

There were also a ton of One Piece figures on display, but I could really care less about One Piece, so nothing to see here. However, there are more photos of the rest of the stuff on display, along with some sweet Soul of Chogokin figures, like Mazinger and Danguard.

- Shawn - 8/10/13