SDCC '13: Tamashii Nations S.H. MonsterArts

Godzilla, King Kong, and Alien Vs. Predator

Biollante, the largest of Godzilla's movie monsters and the largest of the S.H. MonsterArts figures, was the highlight for me at the Bluefin Tamashii Nations booth. I was hoping we would get to see this in person at SDCC and there it was. Biollante, the Godzilla DNA/plant hybrid, looks amazing. It has a light-up chest with three different colors, articulated tentacles, and it's freaking Biollante. Along with Biollante were the new MechaGodzilla Kiryu and Godzilla '64, both of which are fantastic. Godzilla MonsterArts fans have a lot to look forward to this year.

Biollante has the lights, the tentacles, and the DNA to be the biggest MonsterArts figure ever.

Godzilla '64 and Kiryu with its snappy blue weapons.

Many of the previous figures were on display with Godzilla, Destroyah, King Ghidorah, Burning Godzilla, Space Godzilla, and Mogera. SDCC was also the debut of the Destroyah Evolution pack, containing three evolutionary stages of Destroyah. I was tempted to pick it up, but many online retailers have it listed for the same price, and I spent too much at SDCC so I can wait a little bit for it.

The big announcement for S.H. MonsterArts at SDCC this year were Alien and Predator figures from the awful Alien Vs. Predator movie. While these have some interest to fans since these are new Alien and Predator figures, NECA is more than satisfying that need for these two creatures, for me especially. The figures look good, even with being based on the absolutely terrible AVP. They're also smaller and more expensive than NECA's extremely successful goods, so I'm not sure how well the new MonsterArts figures will actually do compared to Tamashii Nations' other lines. It's cool that there will be another figure option for Alien and Predator fans, at least.

More Alien and Predator choices for the Alien/Predator fan who needs even more figures.

Finally, we have King Kong in the largest diorama at the Bluefin Tamashii Nations booth. The cityscape looked great with Kong at the top and a biplane flying around him.

Biollante was the biggest figure, but Kong demanded the largest diorama at the Tamashii Nations booth.

Check out the rest of the Godzilla MonsterArts figures on display along with more photos of the Alien, Predator, and King Kong, and plan out how you're going to afford Biollante later this year.

- Shawn - 7/27/13