SDCC '14: Acid Rain

Amidst all the merchandise of the many established and popular franchises at the Toynami booth was a diorama for the incredibly cool independent line, Acid Rain. This 1:18 scale line features 3.75" figures and transforming military-esque vehicles. All the vehicles transform from a wheeled or treaded vehicle into a small mech or battlesuit. On display were a bunch of the current figures and vehicles along with some new ones and prototypes.

Acid Rain is something that is really up my alley with the whole vehicle transforming into another vehicle setup. I would love to get these vehicles and have a crossover with G.I Joe figures driving/piloting them, but Acid Rain vehicles come at a very steep price. The individual figures are actually decently priced at around $20, but really, the stars of Acid Rain are the awesome vehicles. The buggy, called the Speeder, is around $130 while the Stronghold tank is $140. As much as I love these, I just can't spend $130 on a small (yet super awesome) vehicle right now. Check out the photos of the diorama and think about building an awesome army.

- Shawn - 8/21/14