SDCC '14: Cosplay

Here, have some SDCC cosplay. You're welcome. Cosplay at SDCC had more Rocket Raccoon than ever before, because there was basically none before Guardians of the Galaxy made it to the big screen. There was even a sexy Rocket, which was strange thing. While wandering the aisles of SDCC, I overheard a guy say, "Comic-con confuses me. I don't know whether to look at the hottest girl ever or the coolest thing ever." Agreed. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to mange cosplay photos when you're also there to take photos of cool stuff. You could be on the way to take photos at a booth of the awesome new toys, but then you see a certain cosplayer and become totally side-tracked. It happens quite a bit.

Again, there was lots of great cosplay, but my winners are Honey from Space Dandy and Billy and Jimmy Lee from Double Dragon. I want to make sure the Lee twins win since I don't want them to find me and beat me up. Or maybe I do. Anyway, other fantastic cosplayers were the DC Bombshells, Chocolina, the Transformers (like G1 Shockwave), and all the Rocket Raccoons. Check out the photos below and click to embiggen.

Also, Mariachi Scorpion and Sub Zero are now the greatest thing ever.

- Shawn - 9/14/14

Honey is looking for that special someone, but Space Dandy will do for now.

Jimmy and Billy Lee from Double Dragon are ready to beat down everybody to save the day.

Marvel really changed Rocket Raccoon for the live-action movie.

I really want Ed Boon to put these two in as alternate costumes in the next Mortal Kombat.

Chocolina is a crowd pleaser.

I love that Shockwave has a Decepticon shopping bag.

Double the Ash.

Witchblade is nearly naked.

Bombshell Poison Ivy shows off her latest lingerie.

X-Force Deadpool is one of the best Deadpools ever. And he has the biggest gun of all the Deadpools.

An awesome Raiden and Kitana.

Rocket Raccoon hitting up the venders.

Vivi tried to cast a spell to get SDCC exclusives. It didn't work.

Kroenen looking like a badass.

Good to see someone keeping the Spartan spirit alive.

Actress Rana McAnear came fully dressed as Samara. Could she be any cooler?

Poison Ivy and Harley going old-timey.

Maleficent can clear the aisles with her big wings.

Steampunk Iron Man has a special nozzle for alcohol.

Scariest Ice King ever.

The Coon and Mad Moxxi is a weird combo.

On a journey at SDCC '14.

Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and the Bat.

Effie and Effie are the most fashionable.

Raven and Raven have cool light-up eyes, but let me take another photo to get the full effect...

...there, now the eyes really work. Yowza.

Meanwhile, the younger Raven and Starfire look at cool stuff.

Superdog driving a car! Craziness!

Boba Knievel.

"Kamaehamaemmmmm... donut ball."

These mini Guardians stole the cosplay show.

The grown-up Guardians have a really tall Rocket.

Another of movie Star Lord, comic Star Lord, and comic Rocket.

Sub Zero and Scorpion both have their own Mileena. They don't have to fight anymore!

The DC Bombshells stormed the DC stage for a quick group photo-op.

Foot Soldiers with Casey Jones and Usagi Yojimbo rule this aisle.

Here's another.

Trunks, a female Saiyan warrior, and Piccolo see lots of low power levels at SDCC.

And one from the side.

The Batman '66 crew had good manners and were very nice.

The three Game of Thrones dragons and a pirate guy and some girl. Should I know those other two?

The new Turtles at the Nickelodeon booth.

Power Rangers Pirate Megaforce or whatever these guys are called.

Another photo of the dog driving a car!

A massively mighty Marvel gathering!

Taking cosplayer photos in crowded SDCC aisle sometimes results in heads.

Half these Game of Thrones-ers randomly died from the SDCC-ness.

Something to do with Doctor Who cosplayers.

An awesome G1 Optimus Prime with super long legs.

Optimus regrets trying for the Lego line when he should have tried for the Funko line.

Movie Optimus stands proud despite a terrible fourth movie.

Wheeljack also has those long supermodel legs.

Wheeljack inside the con.

Movie Bumblebee is ready to fight for exclusives.

Pink TIE Pilot is amazing. I want an action figure of this guy.

Sackboy Link had a mini-fan for hot con-goers.

Master Roshi is always on vacation.

Disco ball helmet Stormtrooper interviewed by some girl dressed as something.

Royal Guard standing guard.

Darth Revan being dark sidey.

The Roger Rabbit movie would have been much different if Roger looked like this.

Jessica Rabbit and Roger playing a new form of patty-cake.

Cookie Monster in Stormtrooper disguise.

Mister Sinister looking sinister.

Creepy skin grafted Data, Borg Queen, and Seven of Nine are a Borgy threesome.

Bob from Tekken?! Awesome!

Anakin and a Padme are a broken couple.


Skelanimal cat.

I always see a Leeloo, but here's the first Zorg from The Fight Element I've seen. Great job!

Sansa is stuck at SDCC.


Superman needs to verify your pass.

Movie Mikey is looking for his turtle bros.

Jubilee and Rogue looking for trouble.

Maleficent didn't turn into a dragon.

Riddick is on the run.

Kitty Pryde is incredibly bored with photo ops.

Find another way up, Lara Croft needs those escalators.

One of the doctors and maybe someone else form Doctor Who.

Gandalf is letting everyone pass.

Black Widow is going home after several successful SDCC assassinations. See you next year!