SDCC '14: McFarlane Builds The Walking Dead

McFarlane Toys is making their Walking Dead figures tiny by getting into the building block business. They want to "revolutionize" building block toys starting with three sets; Daryl with his chopper, The Governor's Room, and the Prison Gate. I'm not sure how revolutionary these will be, but they are a bit more realistic than other building block sets.

The Governor's Room is just as creepy in a small scale. The zombie head fish tanks light up, too, which is a very cool feature. Daryl's chopper almost seem like a model kit when you look at it in pieces.  If you want to create Walking Dead dioramas with tons of zombies, then these will probably be great for you.

The figures look like much smaller versions of McFarlane Toys' normal Walking Dead figures. Each set has its own figures, but there will also be blind-bagged figures. The first series will have Daryl, Michonne, Carl, The Governor, three walkers, and one of Michonne's pet walkers. However, most of the figures are pre-posed and don't have much, if any, articulation, so you'll be stuck with characters in certain poses. While Lego, Kre-O, and Mega Bloks figures are stylized and deformed, they do have good articulation. If McFarlane Toys can make their figures with more articulation like the other, it would be pretty cool, so then you're not stuck with pre-posed figures.

I'm not sure if the size of the boxes has been decided yet, because the three sets had boxes of all sizes on display. The Walking Dead set will be exclusive to Toy 'R' Us and should be out this Fall.

- Shawn - 9/9/14