SDCC '14: October Toys' Skeleton Warriors

It may have been short-lived, but Skeleton Warriors was one of those properties that has really stuck with fans since 1994, despite there being nothing new for years. Hell, the theme song still pops into my head at random times. October Toys' Kickstarter to bring back Skeleton Warriors figures was a success, so now we will all have new figures of the characters. I loved the Skelton Warriors cartoon and figures when they originally came out, so I was very happy to see them returning, even if it was through a Kickstarter. I made sure to stop by the October Toys booth at SDCC to take a look at the figures my and other fans' donations were going towards. On display were the Baron Dark figure, the Titan Skeleton, the Skeleton Guard, and Skeleton Soldier, along with a few other surprises.

Baron Dark will be shipping to fans later this year.

The awesome Bone Dragon. Hopefully October Toys can make this as a figure one day.

The figures are 1/18 scale with Baron Dark the largest at 5" tall. The figures are Glyos compatible and modular, so they can be pulled completely apart to relive scenes where the Skeleton characters ended up as a pile of bones. Instant battle damage! From what I was seeing of the prototypes at the booth, these figures look outstanding. Hopefully once these figures are in peoples' hands, they'll see how great they are and more fans will come in for the rest of the figures. Up next after Baron Dark could be Grimskull and Talyn. Talyn and the Bone Dragon were never released in the original line because the show and toys cancelled, so I really want to see both of these figures make it out of October Toys. October Toys' main goal is to eventually make all the characters. A lot of fans, including myself, are really hoping to see Aracula at some point. Aracula was my favorite figure from the original line, so an updated scale version would be fantastic.

All Skeletons can be ripped apart into 17 pieces and put back together with other figures' pieces.

The Talyn maquette. Let's finally get a figure of her.

Also on display at the booth were the original maquettes used to pitch the cartoon. There was Baron Dark, Grimskull, Talyn, and the Bone Dragon. It was incredibly cool to see the original maquettes, and they all still looked to be in great condition. The Bone Dragon maquette looked to almost be the perfect size for the new figures, too. I think if October Toys ever made a Bone Dragon, they could get people who are not Skeleton Warriors fans interested in getting one because it's just a great design all around and could fit with lots of fantasy properties.

The Skeleton Guard and Skeleton Soldier behind.

The Grimskull maquette.

Baron Dark will be in fans' hands later this year and I can't wait to see how far October Toys can go with them. Check out the rest of the Skeleton Warriors photos from October Toys.

The Titan Skeleton is as large as Baron Dark, but looks very plain when next to the others.

The Baron Dark maquette.

The Kickstarter exclusive Baron Dark statue which did appear in a couple episodes of the cartoon.

October Toys was selling a metal weapons pack at SDCC, which is also available on their website.

The giant poster up at October Toys' booth.

Didn't get into the Kickstarter? Fans could order figures from SDCC. Also, Skeleton Warriors was playing on the TV.

- Shawn - 8/3/14