SDCC '14: Super7 Alien ReAction

Super7 brought back Alien ReAction exclusives to SDCC this year, with Deep Space mystery eggs and the Egg Chamber playset. The eggs acted like blind boxes and opened up with a figure inside a little ReAction baggie. Super7 didn't reveal how many different figures there were or the number of variants before SDCC, but did say some would be more rare than others. Super7 had previously teased a kind of glittery space field looking alien prior to SDCC, but that was it. The limit was four per person per day, but I only went with two. I opened both eggs when I got back to my hotel room on Thursday night and both figures turned out to be clear Aliens.

At SDCC, everyone can hear you scream if you find a clear Alien in the egg.

On Friday, Super7 was hosting a trade event where those who bought the blind-egged figures could trade them with others. I was at the Super7 booth and found out that the clear Alien was actually the rarest figure. And I got two. Super7 had all the figures and variants on display. There were four figures, each in glittery space or clear colorways, making a total of eight figures. Initially, I didn't know what kind of variant colors there would be, so I was expecting something bright and colorful like Super7's vinyl figures. I think many fans were expecting to see a pink Alien. There isn't a pink alien.

The figures are the Alien, Ripley, Ripley in Nostromo Suit, and Kane with chestburster, each in deep space and clear color schemes. Nothing bright or colorful here. I accepted a trade for one of my clear Aliens during the trade event. I mainly just wanted the two Aliens, so the glitter Alien was a part of the trade I had made. I left the trade event to do a couple more things before the show ended for the day. I went back with about fifteen minutes left in the show. A few people were still there from earlier, but others had also arrived. This one guy came up and bought four eggs... and got three of same figure. He bought a fifth and got a fourth of the figure. Yikes. That's the trouble with blind-boxed figures; you could get all of the same one. Super7 no longer put a limit on how many someone could buy because they still had a lot left. Another guy came in and bought seven figures, mainly looking for a clear Alien. He offered to trade all the figures he just bought for a clear Alien, but no one accepted the trade, much to the relief of some of the fans standing there. They didn't want the value of the clear Alien reaching insane heights due to this one trade because they were all fans wanting a complete set for themselves.

During the last five minutes of the show, another fan asked for Super7 to bring out a new box of figures. A box of figures contained six eggs. Jokingly, he said that this would be a case full of clear Aliens and everyone watched the Super7 guy open the fresh box. He and another guy each bought an egg... and both figures were clear Aliens! Then the rest of the eggs from that box were sold and... three of them were also clear Aliens! Yep, five of the six figures in that box were the rarest one. Obviously, there was no case allotment for each figure; it was completely and utterly random in what box the figures ended up. A last minute gamble paid off for five fans. It was pretty amazing.

The Egg Chamber playset in the blue box sold out during preview night. Super7 was taking orders for the black boxed version at the con and online, so anyone who wanted one could order it. This is a made to order set and for now Super7 is still taking orders, but probably for not much longer. The box has an incredible photo of that little girl, too. It's seriously the perfect photo to have on the Egg Chamber box. Check out the photos of the Egg Chamber below and some other Alien items Super7 had on display.

And here's Super7's ReAction Gimp in a box, just because.

- Shawn - 8/2/14