SDCC Halo Reach Exclusive is a Noble Chap

McFarlane Toys revealed their San Diego Comic-Con Halo: Reach exclusive figure today, and it's Noble Seven. Who is Noble Seven? He's an original character for Noble Squad that is, let's say, "off-screen" during Halo: Reach. Noble Seven isn't actually in the game, but his paint deco was made by a team at Bungie. At first glance he just seems like a blue repaint of Noble Six. While he partly is, he does have extra armor, a chest full of pouches, and a bandolier of goodness. Noble Seven also gets the honor of being the first Halo: Reach figure out of the gates. He'll be available from Toys 'R' Us at the Entertainment Earth booth. I'm a little surprised that he doesn't have a flaming helmet. I guess that's an exclusive for another time.

"What do you mean all my scenes got cut from the game?!"

- Shawn - 7/13/10