Seacons Re-Emerge to Make Your Eyes Bleed

Hasbro revealed the return of the Seacons in their original Generation 1 molds and colors as a limited edition retailer exclusive at BotCon last week. Thanks to BBTS sending out a super excited email today, we now know that the Seacons, who transform into Piranacon, are exclusive to BigBadToyStore. It's unknown how many there actually are, but Piranacon is a real Generation 1 combiner so it'll probably sell fast. The Seacons are the last combiner team I'd ever think would make a return, but they'll be shipped out in August. I don't see how Piranacon could ever loose; his opponents' eyes would bleeding from those obnoxiously bright colors that all he'd have to do is stand there. By Primus, I can feel my eyes starting to twitch just from the picture.

The colors! Oh, the eye-bleeding colors!

- Shawn - 6/29/10